December 2010

Fab Retro Stocking Fillers!!!

by Lucy Smith on December 16, 2010

If you are stuck for ideas for fantastic and fun stocking fillers, we have some amazingly retro bits and bobs which will definitely raise a cheeky chuckle or nostalgic smile in the Christmas morning stocking rummage!

Connect 4 Pen £5.99, Guitar Pen £4.99, Play-Doh Pen £6.99
Lego Keychain £5.99, Darth Vader Cufflinks £10.00, Marmite Sandwich Box £4.99

Hello Kitty Compact Mirror £5.99, Double Lolly Lip Gloss £3.99, Lego Ring £3.99
Guffalo Snap Cards £7.95, Ridleys Yo Yo £4.99, Elmo Coin Purse £4.50

Little Miss Sunshine Wallet £6.99, Marvel Wallet £6.99, Sloth Loves Chunk Purse £6.99

All these fab gifts make fab Secret Santa pressies too! AND, there’s still time to ship in time for Christmas! xoxo

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We had a little chuckle at this – a Stockholm pastor is being probed by the Church for wearing a dodgy men’s t shirt.

Apparently, colleagues saw a photo on his facebook profile of the naughty minister wearing a tee with a print of a well known Swedish porn film, and are currently working out what action to take. The photo was taken while he was supervising a children’s trip to France.
Maybe he could have sparked less of an outrage by wearing something slightly less risky – he could have even praised the Lord himself with this amazing Jesus T Shirt from Chunk!
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We are loving the new range of rocking Amplified tees and hoodies which we have sneakily been adding to the site over the last couple of weeks!

If you love the Brit rockers Led Zeppelin and enjoy nothing more than flexing your air guitar muscles whilst listening to classic tracks such as ‘Stairway to heaven’ and ‘Whole Lotta Love’ you should definitely check out our fab new Mothership tees!

Ladies long line Mothership tee £25.00, Men’s Mothership tee £25.00

Maybe you like it a bit more raucous, thrashing guitars, tons of attitude… This Metallica tee may be right up your street! We’ve been waiting for Metallica tshirts for what seems like a lifetime and this wicked retro print of the ‘Justice For All’ album takes some beating!

Metallica tee £25.00

We know there is much love for the toasty, cosy Amplified hoodie out there and what joy, when these brand new beauties arrived. With new additions in luscious green and athletic marl, these make are a must for any Amplified fans and come with your fave Rolling Stones and Stone Roses distressed prints!

Ladies green Rolling Stone hoodie £45.00, Men’s grey Stone Roses hoodie £45.00

We know you rock chicks love a bit of glitz and glamour and we would never deny you! With Bowie, AC/DC, Guns N Roses and Rolling Stones tees all given sparkling, gleaming, diamantes, chain-mail and foil print embellishments, this Xmas you really can dazzle!

Guns N Roses Foil Print tee £25.00, Bowie Rainbow stud tee £25.00, Bowie Space Oddity Chain-mail tee £25.00, AC/DC Chain-mail tee £25.00
For a relaxed, laid back look (and something with a bit of added warmth) these fab long sleeved baseball tees are a fab choice, featuring all the best selling Amplified prints. Here’s a little taster!
Ladies Rolling Stone baseball tee £30.00, Men’s Stone Roses baseball tee £30.00
Whether it’s a little treat for yourself or a gift for a music lover, these new Amplified goodies are just the ticket! AND, there is still time to get them by Xmas! Woo!
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Back to the Future II came to our screens in 1989, and brought with it a little taste of what we could hope to see in everyday life on October 21st 2015. OK, so we still have four years to go until 2015, but I’ll forget to blog about this by then!!

Robert Zemekis and team came up with some pretty good predictions of life 25 years in the future… video calling at home, touch screen food ordering at restaurants (our local KFC has this J), video advertising hoardings and personal phones. There was also the odd farfetched prediction, but hey, it’d be nowhere near as ace without a flying Delorean!!

BTTF2 SAYS: Cars would not only fly on skyways, they’d also be powered by household waste

REALITY: The World’s 750,000,000 motor vehicles all still drive on congested roads, burning 1 trillion litres of petrol and diesel each year

BTTF2 SAYS: A “Weather Service” schedules rain at uniform times

REALITY: As this week has shown, the weather is less predictable and more disruptive every year!

BTTF2 SAYS: Marty Jnr uses a phone booth.

REALITY: 90% of children own a mobile phone, and are more likely to own one than own a book!

BTTF2 SAYS: Shoes automatically fasten themselves, clothes electronically shrink to fit your size (and kindly talk to you), and Marty’s jacket even contained its own blow drying facility.

REALITY: Afraid not, it’s just plain old normal clothes still – like our (shameless plug) Back to the Future T Shirts

BTTF2 SAYS: Doc Brown’s USA Today articles include one claiming a record breaking 3 minute mile has been run, one referring to a female president (close one!) and one referring to Queen Diana.

REALITY: The world record mile currently stands at 3:43:12by Moroccan Hicham El Guerrouj. Although Hilary Clinton came close as the first female president of the USA, Barak Obama beat her to it. Even if the people’s princess were alive today, she would never have become queen after her separation from Prince Charles – although by 2015, the chances are that Kate Middleton may inherit the aforementioned title!

BTTF2 SAYS: All lawyers have been abolished


BTTF2 SAYS: Jaws 19 is released in October 2015

REALITY: Unless they release 15 Jaws sequels in the next four years, this one’s pretty unlikely!

BTTF2 SAYS: Mass produced Hoverboards are the latest craze for kids

REALITY: This one might not be as far away as we think – see here. But far from being available in all good toy stores!

BTTF2 SAYS: Pizza Hut (and presumably other foods) come in miniature, dehydrated form, and a microwave like “hydrator” is used to cook and expand the food in under 3 seconds.

REALITY: Still cold pizza delivered in a box, I suppose they now have insulated bags on their mopeds!

BTTF2 SAYS: Fax machines are dotted around the house and, along with video calling (got that one right Universal J), fax machines seem to be the messaging system of choice.

REALITY: The fax boom has come and long gone. Email has grossly surpassed the fax as the written communication method of choice.

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