March 2011

Style queen and TruffleShuffle aficionado Mollie King from The Saturdays was featured in New! Magazine this week, sporting our amazing Women’s Inspector Gadget T Shirt. A-List style for just £20, get yours here.

Mollie King's Go Go Gadget T Shirt

Mollie King's Go Go Gadget T Shirt

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This March, we launched our first range from the heroes of the fashion timepiece, Casio.

Rhianna showing her appreciation for Casio

The ultimate in wrist candy, their iconic designs have been seen on every A-lister worth their salt, from Bieber and Usher, to Gaga, Pharell, Kanye and Rihanna!

Channel your inner geek with gadget calculator watches or add a splash of on-trend neon with their awesome colour-pop watches in hot pink, turquoise, yellow and green for instant SS11 catwalk-inspired style!

Classic Hot Pink Watch from Casio £20

Classic Turquoise Watch from Casio £20

Classic Mustard Yellow Watch from Casio

Classic Mustard Yellow Watch from Casio £20

For classic vintage styles opt for elegant dual time gold or silver-plated analogues – the epitome of classic retro style!

Gold Retro Dual Time Watch from Casio £24.50

Silver Retro Dual Time Watch from Casio

Silver Retro Dual Time Watch from Casio £32.50

Or, for serious old school 90s chic, don a chunky G-Shock. Ultra nostalgic!

Red G-Lide G-Shock Protection Watch from Casio

Red G-Lide G-Shock Protection Watch from Casio £90

With prices starting from a bargainous £17.50 – head on down to TruffleShuffle pronto and get it on the action!


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We Need Your Votes!

by Amy Hayes on March 14, 2011

To celebrate the best in online fashion have just launched their annual Online Fashion Awards for 2011 and we would love your votes and hopefully you would love to vote for us!

It will only take two minutes of your time to nominate as your favourite online retailer. We know how much you love us, you are always telling us how great we are – well, here is your chance to share the love and let the rest of the world know it!

If you would like to nominate us please follow this link:

Nominations will close at midnight 25th March. The 50 entries with the most votes will be passed onto the judging panel, who will be drawing up a shortlist in April. You can vote as many times as you like, nudge nudge, wink wink ;-)

Come on Shufflers, you know what to do…… xoxo

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We’ve Got Company!

by Lucy Smith on March 10, 2011

Flick through the pages of your latest copy of Company’s High Street Edit and you will find some truely inspiraitonal features, where not just one, but two of our glorious tees appear! Firstly, our rock chick must-have, the Led Zeppelin 1977 tee from Amplified Vintage which has been teamed with a simple, crisp white shirt, racy leather skirt, plaited belt, statement necklace and this season’s big hit wedge heel.

Then there’s our iconic 80′s Frankie Says Relax tee. Worn with skin-tight, stonewash denim, burgandy brogues and a quintisentially English Bowler hat, giving it that all important Spring, Summer ’11 twist! OR with a mid length pleated skirt, cropped denim jacket and a pair of retro high tops!


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While catching up on the latest celeb news this week (all part of the job of course!) TruffleShuffle came across this amazing article about some lucky celebrities recreating the classic Disney fairytales for photographer Annie Leibovitz. It got us thinking/daydreaming about which fairytale princess we would like to be…

Would it be Jasmine for all the magic and a chance to ride on that flying carpet – A Whole New World!!

Jennifer Lopez plays Jasmine

How about Cinderella for your chance to be with Prince Charming, well they are all pretty charming these Disney prince’s aren’t they! Plus, who wants to do all that cleaning before you get to go to the ball?

Scarlett Johansson becomes Cinderella

Which brings me to Snow White, another Princess who likes to clean, what is it with these Princesses? Although I suppose she had all those cute little woodland creatures to help her Whistle While You Work.

Rachel Weisz is Snow White

Our personal preference would be Princess Aurora , AKA Sleeping Beauty – she had a pretty easy job of it didn’t she, just a little prick and a long sleep before being kissed by the oh so handsome “Prince Charming” (see, there he is again) and it’s happily ever after!

Vanessa Hudgens posing as Sleeping Beauty

For now we will just have to console ourselves with these fabulous pictures of the celebs becoming their favourite Disney characters. Penelope Cruz becomes the Belle of the ball as Belle from Beauty and the Beast with Jeff Bridges playing the part of the handsome prince, no longer a beast.

Penelope Cruz is Belle

And here we have an unusual choice, not a princess but perfectly portrayed – Queen Latifah as evil Ursula the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid, it looks like fun!

I guess we are not going to become princesses any time soon and so we will just have to continue wearing our favourite Disney Princess t-shirts and jewellery while we dream!

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Be A Wonder Woman

by Sunny on March 7, 2011

Sorry guys but this Spring we’re bringing Girl Power back!

No I’m not talking about The Spice Girls but our favourite super heroine is back with a POW!  I am of course talking about the greatest female DC Super hero: Wonder Woman.

With news of a new TV series on the pipeline and a MAC makeup collaboration out, the worlds going Wonder Woman crazy- again. And what’s not to love about her? Not only did she look incredibly HOT but this was one lady not to be messed with. Anyone who could wear a bustier and fight crime using her golden tiara as a weapon gets my vote!

If all the super hero talk has got you excited then why not get in on the action with the fab range of Wonder Woman t-shirts and gifts from truffle shuffle:

“By day I am Sunny Gill, Wardrobe Mag blogger. But with a quick spin (and five minutes to get over the dizziness) I turn into Wonder Woman…”  *drifts off into a dream sequence*

Ladies Super Power Super Heroines T-Shirt

Ladies Super Power Super Heroines T-Shirt

Ladies Wonder Woman Slouch Triblend T-Shirt

Ladies Wonder Woman Slouch Triblend T-Shirt

Here I’ve chosen two very different but awesome Wonder Woman tees to show my allegiance to our favourite super heroine. My first outfit features this Junk Food slouch t-shirt. This is the perfect tee for those sunny days with its slouchy fit guaranteeing you extra coolness. I couldn’t help but inject some gold into my outfit as a nod to Wonder Woman but I’m not quite sure if my gladiator sandals would be able to deflect bullets… My second outfit features this purple Urban Species Super Power t-shirt.  The print not only has one super heroine but three with Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman combining their super powers together- kaboom!  Inspired by girl power I went slightly feminine with this outfit pairing this tee with a black skirt and a pretty headband.

These t-shirts definitely bring out the Wonder Woman in me. Who wants to be a plane Jane when you can feel like an Amazonian Princess!

David Bowie once sang “We can be heroes, just for one day” and you know what ‘Dave’, in my truffle shuffle tees I can at least pretend. Once I get over my dizziness that is…

About the author…

Sunny Gill - Wardrobe Mag

Sunny Gill - Wardrobe Mag

My name is Sunny Gill and I am a 23-year old Journalism graduate. As Dizzee Rascal once boasted “I’m old school, like Happy Shopper” which is why I absolutely love shopping on Truffle Shuffle! I love many things in life including writing, music, TV, films, football and fashion. I write a cool little fashion blog called ‘Wardrobe Mag’  with three of my closest friends mainly focussing on affordable, fun and bang on trend fashion. My favourite motto in life is of course “Never Say Die!”

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