July 2011

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With the past few days seeing the welcome arrival of some much needed sunshine and warmth, we have been reaching for our beloved cans of fizzy pop, tinglingly cold, straight from the fridge!  Whether you take yours with ice and a slice, neat, or mingling in with your favourite naughty tipple, there’s always a special place for some sparkling refreshment! Coca-Cola is a worldwide phenomenon with an instantly recognisable logo and advertising slogans such as ‘Things Go Better With Coke’, ‘Have a Coke and Smile’ and ‘Enjoy Coke’ and we are incredibly proud to introduce our new range of  EXCLUSIVE Coca-Cola tees from Fame and Fortune which coincide with the 125th year anniversary of the cult beverage. We even have some rather tasty treats from Punky Allsorts to add a retro pop of fun to any look!

Ladies Catch The Wave Coca-Cola Tee from Fame and Fortune £20

Men's Have A Coke And Smile Tee from Fame and Fortune £20

Ladies Things Go Better With Coke Tee from Fame and Fortune £20

Men's Coca Cola 125 Year Anniversay Tee from Fame and Fortune £20

Ladies Enjoy Coke Tee from Fame and Fortune £20

Cola Bottle Ring from Punky Allsorts £8.50

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Minnie Mawi Unveiled!

by Amy Hayes on July 29, 2011

TruffleShuffle.com is counting down the days to the arrival of the gorgeous Minnie Mawi collection from Disney Couture and we are now super excited as we can finally reveal some of the pieces that are to be included on our site!

So, to give you an idea of the fabulousness that is arriving in September we have………

This is just a small selection of the beautiful pieces that are going to be added to our already stunning collection of Disney Couture Jewellery on the site so if you can’t wait till September why not check out the glitz and glam we currently have to offer?!

For those of you patient enough to wait for the new collection we will be sure to keep you posted on facebook and twitter so make sure you are following us for regular updates!


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It’s been a busy old week here at TruffleShuffle and we are all over the Internet this week as part of the battle for top reality TV fashionista, between TOWIE’s Lydia Bright and Made In Chelsea’s Caggie Dunlop! Check us out on the Mail Online, The Sun Online, Heatworld, 3am and Metro.co.uk (Wowzers!). And  the Internet isn’t the only place that we’ve been our pretty little faces this week, you can find us in the glorious pages of Ok! Extra magazine, who also recognised our Celeb appeal and included our Junk Food Vintage Minnie Mouse as part of their Kate Moss get the look! If either of these tee’s have got your fashion juices flowing, make sure you get yours here now!

Junk Food Vintage Minnie Mouse T-Shirt in Ok! Extra Magazine

Junk Food Vintage Minnie Mouse T-Shirt in Ok! Extra Magazine


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The Curse of 27!

by Lee Mullins on July 27, 2011

With the recent, tragic passing of Amy Winehouse, I’d like to shine a light upon the talent the musical world has lost to the so called “27 club”

Brian Jones

Brian Jones - The Rolling Stones guitarist was found drowned in a swimming pool. A coroner’s report explained the incident as ‘death by misadventure’.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix – Pioneering guitarist Jimi Hendrix was a left handed guitarist who strung his right handed guitar backwards, playing it behind his head and even with his teeth at times. Whenever you air guitar, you are saluting this God of Rock. Jimi tragically died by asphyxiating on his own vomit. A well-known known drug addict, he had earlier combined sleeping pills with wine.

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin – Songwriter Joplin died on October 4, 1970 from a heroin overdose. The raspy-voiced singer was called “probably the most powerful singer to emerge from the white rock movement in the sixties” by Time

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison - Regarded as much of a poet as a rock musician, with The Doors, Jim produced some of the first music videos in history. Sadly, he also lived a notoriously wild life, abusing both alcohol and drugs. He sadly died from heart failure, but no autopsy was carried out.

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain - The Nirvana frontman infamously committed suicide with a shotgun in 1994 in a death that has been steeped in controversy and conspiracy theories.  He was one of, if not the most influential Grunge musicians of the 1990′s and still continues to inspire to this day.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse – Say what you will about Amy’s private life; the cancelled gig’s, the Drugs and alcohol abuse , her hopeless love for Blake Fielder-Civil – for me, it was all about her music. In my eyes, Amy made every song her own and painted each songs story with her heart which is what made her so unique. Something that always struck me was her obvious passion and love for Motown, Jazz and RnB (and when I say RnB, I mean “original Rhythm and Blues” and not todays Beyonce-esque version which for me, isn’t a patch on where it started with the likes of Aretha Franklin.) Amy brought it’s incredible magic back to a generation that had forgotten this powerful and heartfelt style of music which I am truly thankful for!

Rest in peace Amy. Let’s just hope that this club is now, finally, closed for membership.


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