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13 years ago this very month we took to the interwebs and registered the weird and wonderful domain name & we were officially born! To mark this super special occasion, we thought we would take a little walk down memory lane and give you our top 13 memorable moments at here at TruffleShuffle. Hopefully you’ll learn a little something about who we are, where we’ve come from and where we’re heading. Let’s go!
1. MAY 2004
We sold our very first t-shirt on the mighty (old looking) eBay. With the money from this sale, we scurried online and purchased the domain name Why TruffleShuffle? It’s retro, it’s cool and we LOVE the Goonies?!
2. DECEMBER 2004
By our first Christmas, we were selling around 20 t-shirts a day!! Our range was humble, nothing like our huge collection of classic retro T-Shirts we have today that’s for sure! We had our sights firmly set on tee greatness, which is something we still strive towards today.
3. JANUARY 2005
In the press! We had our first press feature in the infamous Loaded magazine! Being described as ‘a goldmine of ’80′s inspired t-shirtery’. *blushes*
4. JUNE 2005
With the business continuing to grow, we had to move TruffleShuffle from our 1 bed flat into a small office space in Bristol and continue the adventure. Weirdly with all our own personal collections, our homes don’t look too much different from back then now!
5. DECEMBER 2005
By our second Christmas, we were selling 100 t-shirts a day!!
That’s 5x what we selling the previous year. Busy busy!
Just over a year from launch, we moved into our first proper grown-up warehouse.
On that day ‘Truffle Towers V1.0′ was born.
7. MAY 2008
Woohoo! We win Bristol’s 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year! Such a great achievement which only helped to add fire to the Truffle belly.
8. JUNE 2009
Eeeek! We needed to move again…. This time our warehouse (Truffle Towers V2.0) is a whopping
three times the size of Truffle Towers V1.0! The TrufffleShuffle team continues to grow… as does the size of the tea rounds!
9. DECEMBER 2009
We sell our Millionth T-Shirt! That’s right folks, in just a few years, we had managed to pick, pack and post a stupendous million tees to people all over the world.
10. SEPTEMBER 2011
No pictures please! Now seven years hard at work, we’re crowned Best Specialist Retailer by the amazing people at Reveal Magazine. Such an honour and a great excuse for a party! Right?
11. AUGUST 2012
Splashdown! Mother Nature takes a dislike to TruffleShuffle and sends sooo much rain to Bristol that it floods Truffle Towers V2.0. The whole team rally together to save the day and as many of our retro creations as possible. Great excuse to clean the floors we guess!
12. AUGUST 2016
Another milestone! We ship our millionth order and to celebrate, we ran a huge competition to win a years supply of cool t-shirts!! The lucky winner was Matthew Smith from Norwich.
13. APRIL 2018
We’re on the move…. again, hopefully for the last time! This time into our purpose built new headquarters. Truffle Towers V3.0 will once again be three times the size Truffle Towers V2.0 and feature very cool ‘break out’ areas and even a retro gaming zone… We can’t bloomin’ wait!
Of course, none of this would have been possible without each and every one of you lovely lot who placed and order, sent us a tweet or even just checked out our site. We love what we do and for as long as you guys do to, we’ll be here giving you the best selection of classic clothing and accessories as possible. Huuuuge thank you everyone!
If you want a little more insight into TruffleShuffle and all the lovely folk that work here why not pop the kettle on, get comfy and enjoy the video we made to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.
See you in another 13 years!
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Sad news all you retro gamers out there. Masaya Nakamura, the founder of Namco and the man known as the “Father of Pac-Man,” has sadly died at the age of 91.

Nakamura founded Namco waaaay back in 1955 when they originally ran children’s rides with two mechanical horses on the roof of a department store.

The soon to be gaming icon later expanded into the world of arcade games in the 1970s with Gee Bee and Galaxian in 1978 and 1979. However, it was Pac-Man, released in 1980, that came to define his legacy, going on to become a fixture in popular culture and a household name.

The idea for the game, came from the image of a pizza with a slice carved out and Nakamura reportedly chose the word “Pac” to represent the munching of the Pac-Man devouring its prey.

Launched at a time when there were few rival games, such as Space Invaders, Nakamura was one of the people credited with launching the Japanese videogame industry. In addition to retro icon Pac-Man, Namco also released other arcade classics like Dig Dug, Pole Position, and, of course, Ms. Pac-Man.

In 2008, Guinness World Records named it the world’s most successful coin-operated arcade game. It is estimated to have been played more than 10 billion times. Pretty sure we’re responsible for a large chunk of that!

Nakamura sadly died on January 22 which was confirmed by Namco. He will be greatly missed and his mark on the world left behind if truly profound.



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No tricks, just treats... 20% off EVERYTHING - This weekend only!

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Lizzie 'Likes' - Our lovely buyer Lizzie shares her latest TruffleShuffle picks to freshen up your wardrobe and love forever!
Lizzie, TruffleTowers
Women's Navy She-Ra Powered By Unicorns Sweater
My love of unicorns is definitely going to continue into autumn, so this She-Ra jumper totally fits the bill. Magic! £29.99 - Buy
Lizzie, TruffleTowers
Labyrinth Worm Ello Is It Tea You're Looking For Boxed Mug
A Labyrinth and Lionel mash-up - what could be better! This 80s mug makes me smile at every tea break. £6.99 - Buy
Lizzie, TruffleTowers
Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Question Block Light
I have serious nostalgia for anything 8-bit and Nintendo, so I'll be powering up my living room with this light - made even more awesome with its PING sound! £24.99 - Buy
Lizzie, TruffleTowers
Black And White Cats Eye Sunglasses from Jeepers Peepers
I can't let go of summer just yet - and rain or shine these sunnies add retro glamour to any outfit (and hide the odd late night in style…ahem). £17.99 - Buy
Lizzie, TruffleTowers
Moomins Compact Mirror
If you're Moomins-mad like me, this cute and cool mirror is made for you. So much <3 for Snorkmaiden! £6.99 - Buy
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Women's Roald Dahl Good Thoughts Speckled Rolled Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt
As a lifelong Roald Dahl fan, I just love the sentiment of this tee - and tons of celebrities seem to, too. Hey, if it's good enough for J.Law it's good enough for me… £24.99 - Buy
Check out more great picks
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Retro telly fans! We’ve just caught wind of some pretty big news here at Truffle Towers which miiiiight just get a few tongues wagging.

Yep, it seems the beloved 80s Stephen J. Cannell classic The A-Team is set for a reboot from the people at 20th Century Fox. They like to play it safe huh!

Originally running from 1983 to 1987, The A-Team was THEEE show of the time with more stunts and crashes than you could shake a stick at, iconic catchphrases, guest star appearances and one of the coolest vans ever created!

Teaming up with the Fast & Furious writer-producer Chris Morgan, this reboot will once again revolve around a diverse team of American Special Forces operatives, but this time with both male and female members to help jazz is up a bit. The group has been framed for a crime they didn’t commit and set out to clear their names by uncovering the black-ops conspiracy that set them up. Usual stuff.

As always, they will discover people in need along the way who they can lend a helping hand the best way they know how.

As soon as we can uncover more about cast and dates we’ll let you know!

So what do you think folks? Would you watch and who would you pick to play this iconic team?


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