At TruffleShuffle Towers, we absolutely love anything Harry Potter related, and luckily we have a BIG following of fans who share our Hogwarts obsession – so naturally we like to keep you all up to date with our wizardly offerings! Your one stop shop for Harry Potter clothing and Harry Potter gifts – it’s only fair we bring you the very best goodies around huh?
On that note….LOOK WHAT JUST LANDED AT TRUFFLETOWERS. With a waiting list as long as people who are actually waiting for the letter itself, our much anticipated Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter Wallet has been restocked and we’re more than a little bit excited about it.
‘It is real, isn’t it? It’s not a joke?’ – Oh it’s very real…
- Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter Wallet
- Beige PU wallet with applique stamp and printed detail
- Silver metal zip fastening
- Brown PU lining
- Separated inner compartments with card slots and zip up coin section
- Measures approx 19 cm (w) x 10 cm (h)
- 100% official merchandise
Uniform: First year students will require: Three sets of plain work robes, one pointed hat for day wear, one pair of protective gloves, one winter cloak and one awesome letter wallet which is perfect for showing a serious amount of Harry Potter love.
There’s no better way to share the magic than flaunt your love for Harry Potter and Hogwarts every time you reach for your Harry Potter Wallet. Be quick, these magical wallet are sure to disappear before our very eyes!
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Would you Adam and Eve it! The action movie hero, the former Mr Universe and total legend of the big screen turns a milestone 70 today.

Body building legend, movie legend and later politics legend, Arnie has been a household name for as long as we can remember which is why we thought we would celebrate his special day with a little look back at some of his top movie moments.

When you look back at some of the films he has not just been a part of, but he has completely made them his own and they would have never been the same without him. It’s hard to imagine a movie collection without our hero. So! Before we get blowing out all those candles, let’s take a look back at Our Top 10 Arnie Movie Moments…

Clothes, Boots, Motorcycle – Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Now THIS is a classic moment! It takes some serious level of Arnie style to walk into a rough biker bar, steal someone’s clothes, bike…. then sunglasses. What. A. BOSS!

The Epic Handshake – Predator

Just when you thought that 1987′s predator couldn’t get more manly after the shootathon in the jungle (when they actually hit nothing), you’re greeted with the muscle rippling moment between Dutch and Dillon. After meeting again for the first time in years, these two Silverback Gorillas of men shake hands and begin a little arm tussle which might just be the the most manly thing to ever happen on screen. Classic moment.

No Chance – Commando

Now, we know there are pleeeenty of classic moments and reasons to love this film, however one that has really stood out to us is the iconic ‘No chance’ lines right at the end….

John Matrix: This was the last time.

Major General Franklin Kirby: Until a next time…..

John Matrix: No chance.

Something tells me he means that. We sure wouldn’t chance it!

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job – Last Action Hero

Pretty much from start to finish, this classic scene from this super retro film is over the top, silly and oh-so good! Catch one liners, bad guys shooting a lot but hitting nothing, coming in through the roof, using live wires to make someone else fire a gun with return fire. It’s what Hollywood is all about!
Finishing off this classic moment, Arnie launches the remaining classic bad guy through the air an into a table but not before saying… don’t give up your day job. This is Arnie bread an butter and we’re happy to eat this up every darn time.

Shuuuuut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup! – Kindergarten Cop

Everyone has had this moment right, when it seems the who world has interrupted and you just want a moment of peace. Well, for us this classic moment in Kindergarten Cop sums up this feeling pretty well.

Hahahahahaha, you think this is the real Quaid? It is – Total Recall

We love this moment, mainly because of how simple, but kinda funny it is. It’s a real movie moment where this would only ever happen in a movie.

Arnie dresses as a woman – Junior

Not really a moment, more scene after scene! Yep getting to see this action movie star really embracing his feminine side in Junior is a real moment to savour. We would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall during this audition!

When a deal goes sour – The Running Man

You cold-blooded bastard! I’ll tell what I think about it. I live to see you eat that contract! But I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I’m going to ram it into your stomach and BREAK YOUR GODDAMN SPINE!!!
By this point in the film, it’s save to assume Arnie has had enough. We love this moment because it’s classic Arnie, he makes threats that you should really pay attention to because, he really will deliver.

So there you have them folks! What are your favourite Arnie moments? Let us know with a comment below.


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Happy Video Games Day everyone!!  Whether you’re a fan of Nintendo, PlayStation, X-Box, Sega, mobile gaming or even retro classics like Atari or the Commodore, today is the day to shut those curtains tight, stock up on snacks and game the day away!

In celebration I’m going to list the favourite gaming moments I’ve had throughout my life and would love to hear some of your own!

This is where it all started, my first ever video game on the NES!  A truly iconic game that has stood the test of time, I’ll never forget discovering the Mushroom Kingdom for the first time.  Mario is still going strong too, every one of his games is almost guaranteed to be an exciting play!

The very first Pokemon game on the Game Boy!  Everyone had their own favourite starter (mine was Squirtle) and who can forget catching their very first Pikachu!?  There were 151 to catch in this first game (did anyone manage to get a Mew?) which seems like a tiny amount compared to the 800+ there are now!

ROUND ONE, FIGHT! My first introduction to Street Fighter was with the second game on the SNES, with only eight characters to choose from it was easy to try them all out and find your favourite, Chun-Li FTW!

The very first Mario Kart!  One of my all time favourite series, from humble beginnings on the SNES we are now up to our eighth instalment with a deluxe re-release on the Nintendo Switch which I think is the best in the series.

“Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind” I was obsessed with this quirky PlayStation game when it first came out and have fond memories of free-style rapping over every song (usually messing it all up!)

Being a huge fan of Japanese RPGs, Final Fantasy VII came along and blew me away!  A huge expansive story and world to explore that I probably sunk 80+ hours into and probably my favourite selection of characters from the Final Fantasy world.  A remake is due to hit the PS4 in the next year or so and I can’t wait to play it again with updated graphics!

Bringing us bang up to date is the brand new Legend of Zelda game on the Nintendo Switch, possibly the finest game of the whole series (although I’ll always hold a candle to Link’s Awakening on the Game Boy!) it’s a perfect example of how exciting video games can be!

If all this talk of gaming has got your trigger finger itching for some goodies it would be well worth checking out our selection of Gamer Clothing and Gamer TShirts as well as some of the other assorted giftware we have.  We’ve got a great selection and I’ll include some of my favourites below.  Enjoy Video Games Day everyone!!

Men's Old School Gamer T-Shirt

Pokemon Pikachu Crew Socks

Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Question Block Light

Men's Off White Street Fighter II Ryu T-Shirt

Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Set of 20 Coasters

The Legend of Zelda Boss Key Door Mat

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Fusing a street style vibe with an irreverent sense of humour, we love the carefree attitude of 90s-inspired brand Local Heroes! We can’t think of a more exciting crew to capture that famous Disney magic – and with a rainbow of colours, unusual fits and touch-worthy textures, we’re all over their latest Disney drop. Read on for our favourite pieces and to find out why we can’t get enough!

The colour-pop Princess tees

Calling the fairest of them all, mermaid wannabes and kick-ass castle lovers! These oh-so-cute Disney ringer tees are just the ticket to realising all your princess dreams. Belle, Snow White or Ariel?! The hardest part is definitely going to be which one to choose. Okay, okay we’ll just take them all…

The dream 90s jumper

Oversized fit? Check! Crew neck and ribbed cuffs? Check! Bright, primary colours? Check! Our 90s style wish list is all sewn up on this awesome Disney logo jumper, which shows dreams really do come true!

The textured tee

Beauty & the Beast fans are sure to fall in love with this cropped fit, velvet touch tee. Featuring an embroidered rose encased in a PVC dome, our only advice is to be careful the last petal doesn’t fall or you might miss out on this tee forever (cause that’s how the story goes, right?!)

The slogan sweatshirt

Things never go as planned in Disney movies but then everything works out in the end, right? If you totally relate to Princess decision-making then this sweet sweater is made for you.

You can shop the whole Local Heroes range here – and if you’re a Disney fangirl through and through, then there’s much more Disney goodness to be found on our site right here!

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She’s not a regular mum, she’s a cool mum – right? So you’re on the lookout for a present which is just as cool as she is! Well, the good news is – you’ve come to the right place…now let’s get cracking!

We have an extensive Mother’s Day gift guide which helps you find something which suits her (awesome) personality. Spoiler alert…we have something for everyone.

Gifts For Movie Buffs

Gifts For Telly Addicts

Gifts For Geeks

Gifts For Gamers

Gifts For Girly Girls
Gifts For Bookworms

Gifts For Groupies

Gifts For Gearheads

Gifts For Foodies

Gifts For Animal Lovers

The oh-so-enchanting range of jewellery from Disney Couture is the perfect tribute to Disney’s classic (and super-romantic) movie Beauty and the Beast!

We certainly have a soft spot for a nice cup of tea, and if your mum loves her home comforts like us – our range of cool teapots and tea cosy’s will make a pleasant addition to the kitchen.

Compliments of your fave biscuits, these super kitsch biscuits tins would make a great gift for any house proud mama!  It’s time for her to ditch the boring Tupperware and invest in something a little more ‘her’.

She’s a Wonder Woman…so pay homage to her Superheroine credentials with our awesome range of Wonder Woman gifts, ranging from Wonder Woman t-shirts to Wonder Woman bath sets.

And as if you needed anymore encouragement to treat your mum… til 4pm Friday, we offering FREE Next Day Delivery.

Mum's the Word with FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY until 4pm Friday! - Use code: MDNEXT - Treat ya Ma'
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