STOP THE PRESS!!! Polly Pocket has arrived at TruffleShuffle.com!!!

This wonderfully nostalgic bag has caused quite the stir, in fact you could justifiably refer to it as a media sensation! Yes, of course I’m talking about THE POLLY POCKET BAG!

The heart shaped accessory has been designed to look like the original mini toy we loved in our nineties youth. It even opens up to reveal a lining which replicates the inside of the original toy too. Someone give the designer a medal.

Millennials cannot get enough of this amazing creation which can now be yours for £37.99. Find it here.

If all that excitement was not enough! We also have some fantastic, official Polly Pocket Clothing too!

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Emblazoned with the faces of British icons including Louis Theroux, Sir David Attenborough and Joanna Lumley, London label Homage Tees pay tribute to the subculture greats that deserve some serious props. We’re huge fans of the late-90s styling and right-side-of-ironic vibes – it’s no wonder these tees have been picked up by bloggers and celebs everywhere wanting to show love for their irreverent idols. Designed by an anonymous founder, Homage Tees are by the people, for the people.
If, like us – you skipped all the boring stuff like real news and weather updates and went straight on a hunt to locate your Star Signs for the week ahead, then this is the t-shirt for you. Are you going to fall in love? Are you going to become stinking rich? We don’t know – but we do know how cool you’re going to look when you bag yourself a Mystic Meg t-shirt. ‘Today, you will find the most perfect retro t-shirt you’ve ever set eyes on, and you will be compelled to buy it.’
We are ther-oux trying to find a cooler t-shirt than this. Whether you love Louis shadowing our fave celebs, taking part in weird weekends, or producing amazing documentaries – this is the tee for you! Totally 90s tastic with a nod to the geeky and awesome Louis Theroux.
We could listen to Attenborough’s voice all day, but when that kind of appreciation is simply impractical when boring duties get in the way – you definitely need a plan B. A cool 90s-tastic t-shirt combined with mysterious hawk? Sign us up please!
No amount of style can match the elegance of Princess Diana, but we can try our hardest with this awesome 90s-style tee.
Other greats include Art Attacks Neil Buchanan and the oh so Absolutely Fabulous Joanna Lumley!
Neneh Cherry and Janet Jackson…in style.

For all these amazing new styles, check out our range of Homage Tees and pick up your fave today!

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If there’s ever been an excuse to pop open the bolly, the triumphant return of our favourite gruesome twosome in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is it!

What’s it all about, darling?

When the star-studded fashion show intro against the thumping beat of Jason Derulo’s Get Ugly began, we already knew we were in for a treat! The film has all the partying, booze, crazy fashion, naughtiness and ‘sweetie darlings’ galore we all know and love from the TV series but now there’s the Gen Y additions of DIY Botox and a social media whirlwind, with selfies and Tweets aplenty, which Eddie struggles to understand. (“Do you feed my Twitter?” she asks at one point, mystified!)

The ladies are just as ludicrous yet somehow lovable as back in the 90s – the first crisis of the film is “Where is the champagne?!” (nothing’s changed!). Patsy is a fashion editor and Eddie has become something of a washed up PR. A book deal flop prompts even more of a crisis than usual from flappy Edina leading to *SPOILER ALERT!* (though we feel you may have had to be living under a rock not to know this) accidentally knocking Kate Moss into the Thames – as you do…

So what did TruffleShuffle think, sweeties?

We’re pleased to report that the heavy-drinking dysfunctional duo are as amazing as ever, with most of the flick’s laugh-out-loud moments coming from Eddie and Pats. Joanna Lumley is on top form as chain-smoking, incredibly selfish, platinum-doed bad influence Patsy. When the pair need to make a ‘serious plan’ to leave the country, it somehow results in drug and vodka-fuelled chaos with Patsy in the mix; she sells Saffy’s daughter Lola as a cleaner in Cannes and poses as a man to inherit a rich woman’s fortune courtesy of a dodgy looking stick-on moustache!

Eddie is still afraid of being old and fat – one of our favourite parts is the hilarious daydream/nightmare where her beloved designer heels have disappeared and flat frumpy shoes abound – the final step into the doom of old age. “Not…the…sandals!!”

Apart from a few slightly misplaced emotional moments, the pair haven’t grown up one bit and this is nicely reassuring to us diehard fans. At times the plot can feel a little meandering but the steady stream of hilarious gags and chemistry between Lumley and Saunders keeps everything sailing along nicely. It would be so weird to see them being sensible – and where would the fun be in that?!

We should also emphasise that the film is a total celeb fest (which you may or may not love!) Personally here at TruffleTowers we thought most of the cameos were great. They were cleverly chosen, with lots of unexpected surprises – Rylan and Rebel Wilson popping up as flight attendants were a particular highlight – and it included plenty of stars willing to send themselves up (Joan Collins and Jean Paul Gaultier, we’re looking at you!) The movie also isn’t afraid to take the mickey out of celebrity culture – when Kate Moss goes missing, the hugest furore breaks out – from Dawn French insisting that Lily Cole is “heartbroken…devastated…” to BBC News’s hashtag #iskatedead and shrines all around the country. And (*SPOILER ALERT* – look away now) when Kate eventually turns up, the country’s celebrations are something normally reserved for royalty (hello, Red Arrows!)

And of course, the fashion is completely crazy – Bubbles’ inflatable hashtag outfit is a favourite and Eddie still dresses like an overexcited child discovering mum’s retro wardrobe.

Cheerful, eccentric and thoroughly hedonistic, if you fancy some frivolous fun with your fave 90s ladies, we totally recommend you see this film!

(And if you fancy doing it in style, check out our glam Ab Fab clothing and gifts – from a mug the pair would be proud to sip bubbly from to a divine, must-have tote!)

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“Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind.”

It was chilling, it was thrilling and boy was it awesome! Launching its attack on our cinemas back in 1996, Independence Day has been a 90s classic ever since and with the upcoming sequel titled ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ hitting our big screens in just a few week’s time, we’re about to get a whole new chapter to the story!

Weirdly, our main memories of watching this Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum classic was it always being the film of choice at school. Whether it was perhaps the last day of term, a rainy lunch break, or perhaps the day after exams, some of our more….easy going teachers would always let us count down the hours in style with a classic VHS. It’s was heaven! Getting to see Will Smith and Bill Pullman tangle with an alien invasion with your friends before he takes a moment to smoke a cigar and say….”now that’s what I call a close encounter”, seriously….movie GOLD!

Always looking for a touch of the good old times in our everyday lives, we’re tracked down and captured some of our very own Independence Day TShirts which are now on the site and ready to be yours!
With three designs to pick from, take a peep at the latest Movie TShirt invasion to take over TruffleTowers….

Independence Day Movie Poster T-Shirt

We are taking it back to the nineties with this fantastic Independence Day Poster design tee! The cult movie has a Resurgence and so what better time to pay homage to the original!

Fat Lady Sings Independence Day T-Shirt

Featuring a classic quote from this 90s cult film, ‘Not until the fat lady sings’, this tee is a great find for fans of this movie giant!

Navy Back To Back Independence Day Vest

After something a little more Summery? Snap up this is a great vest which is such a great way to show your appreciation for the original, landmark movie!

Independence Day Logo T-Shirt

A simple classic, this awesome logo tee is all you need to let the world know that you’ve seen things, terrible terrible things that only fellow Independence Day survivors would ever understand.

Still need a little inspiration? Remember…..this could be our last night on Earth. You don’t want to die a TruffleShuffle virgin, do you?


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Some show are good, some are great even, then some come along and totally dominate and define an era of television! One such show if of course FRIENDS!

Hitting our screens waaaay back in 1994 (which despite feeling like ten years ago, according to our calendars is actually a whopping 22 years ago! We know), FRIENDS became theeee sitcom of the 90′s and early 00′s thanks to it’s quick whit, wacky plot lines and the odd mega feels moments with a pinch of will-they, won’t-they in there for good measure.

Running for a staggering 236 episodes across 10 seasons, FRIENDS became as much of a part of many of our lives as actually hanging out with our own friends was! Naturally, as such a big icon this TV great has been part of our collection of designs for many moons now, but this certainly doesn’t stop us keeping a look out for more and more Friends TShirt designs to add to the range which is exactly what we’ve gone and done. Take a peep….

Why not Perk up your wardrobe with this totally nostalgic Central Perk TShirt!

Featuring the classic Central Perk logo from the most famous coffee shop of the nineties, this is a real must have for any fan of this cult TV series.

Oh and we didn’t forget the boys!

Sadly, you can’t be seen in the iconic coffee shop these days, however you can still get the cool recognition you deserve thanks to this amazing design. And you can take it to go!

Hey, we know the weather isn’t always on our side which is why we’ve also nabbed this fab design on this super soft Friends Hoodie. Perfect to keep the chills at bay and keep you looking cooler than ever.

Whichever design tickles your fancy, grab it over at TruffleShuffle.co.uk today from only £19.99 and get next day UK delivery if you order before 4pm.

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This Summer is all about the nineties! If it’s all brand new to you or you remember it the first time (eeek), there is something to suit everyone!


Go crazy with a bright, all over print featuring those fun loving Heroes In A Half Shell with this awesome roll sleeved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt (£19.99). For that casual 90′s vibe, team with customised Levi 501′s and Converse Sneakers.


Get with the cool crowd with this like, totally gorgeous cropped Clueless Class Of 95 tee. Wear with high waisted washed black mom jeans and a pair of clear Juju Jelly shoes and you’ll have the ninetes nailed!

Go get em! xxx

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