What more is there to say about Prince!? Hugely admired and respected by music fans and critics alike, Prince was a musical powerhouse during the 80s scoring hit after hit with his catchy singles combined with a flamboyant stage presence and extravagant dress sense.

He was arguably the biggest pop star on the planet during that time (with tough competition from Michael Jackson and Madonna!). Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Let’s Go Crazy, Raspberry Beret, U Got The Look, how can you choose a favourite single of his when there’s so many classics to choose from!?

We’ve got a huge selection of Music T-Shirts at TruffleShuffle and it made me very excited when we got the opportunity to add some Prince T-Shirts into the mix.

Women's Black Prince Purple Rain T-Shirt

Men's Black Prince Purple Rain T-Shirt

Purple Rain was his sixth studio album and the first to feature his band, The Revolution.  It was also the soundtrack to the film, Purple Rain, which is an absolute 80s classic.  It features the singles When Doves Cry, Let’s Go Crazy and of course the legendary title track, it certainly has it’s fans as it’s the third best-selling soundtrack of all time!  Pay tribute to this classic album with our T-Shirts which feature the moody and atmospheric cover art.

Women's Purple Prince Logo T-Shirt

Men's Purple Prince Logo T-Shirt

Featuring the classic Prince logo against his favourite colour, purple, this classic tee will really make you stand out from the crowd!

Women's White Prince Take Me With U T-Shirt

Men's White Prince Take Me With U T-Shirt

Take Me With U was the fifth track to be taken from the Purple Rain album and this tee features the cover artwork in all its fabulous eighties-ness! “I don’t care where we go, I don’t care what we do, I don’t care pretty baby, just take me with you!”

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Guess what…. Father’s Day 2017 edition is right around the corner and we’re here to make sure it rocks!

Never ones to miss out on a good time and getting the chance to spoil someone special, we’ve been busy collecting some of our favourite Father’s Day Gift ideas together in our nifty little Father’s Day Gift Guide on our site.
Chock full of clothing and goodies we’re sure he’ll love and with FREE next day UK delivery when you spend £30 and use code FDNEXT, there’s still time to grab something that really make his day.

So, we’ve got you covered with the goodies, now let’s really up your Father’s Day game! We’ve been busy creating what we think is THE Ultimate Father’s Day Playlist on Spotify (unofficial title) and we’re handing it over to you guys.
Share this with your old man to play, blast these out at home to really complete the afternoon or perhaps just enjoy yourself because… well there are some real classics in here, it’s up to you! Air guitars are compulsory though…

Taking inspiration from our very own range of classic Band TShirts, we’ve loved revisiting these absolute gems… as well as checking out their music! Take a peep below at some of the designs that have inspired the playlist and maybe pick out something special for your old man.

Guns N Roses Logo TShirt

Amplified Vintage have partnered with some of the worlds most iconic bands to create this classic range of official music clothing and this one stars the bad boys of Rock N Roll, Guns N Roses on a premium tee.

Rolling Stones Tongue Logo T-Shirt

The famous tongue, created by designer John Pasche, looks great on this classic Rolling Stones tee! Perfect for showing off your rock star credentials, obviously.

Led Zeppelin USA 1977 T-Shirt from Amplified

This iconic Led Zeppelin T-shirt from Amplified Vintage is a nod to the band’s world famous 1977 tour of USA and is a replica of the t-shirt which was actually sold at the gig.

David Bowie TShirts

We’re loving the contrast of this neon ‘Bowie’ against the cool charcoal tee. Pay homage to one of Britain’s greatest musicians ever in this classic electric tee featuring the original 1973 Aladdin Sane artwork.

Johnny Cash T-Shirt

Regardless of musical preference, Johnny Cash unites all genres with his endless list of incredible songs. From ‘I Walk the Line’ to his unbelievable cover of Hurt, Johnny Cash can only be described as a musical legend. Pay homage with this awesome ‘eagle’ t-shirt.

Whatever you get up to this Father’s Day, from all the TruffleShuffle team we hope you have a fab day and get up to all kinds of mischief.

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Wall art is a really simple and easy way to spruce up any room and we’ve got a very cool selection that can give your home a stylish and retro touch, you’ll be the envy of every visitor!

Whether you’re a movie buff, retro gamer or music lover we’ve got all bases covered with fab original art for such retro icons as Labyrinth, Back to the Future, Marvel Comics, Sega, David Bowie, Roald Dahl, Coca-Cola and sooooo much more! Whatever your taste, there’s definitely something for everyone at a range of prices that really won’t break the bank! Let’s take a look…

We’re particularly proud of our Harry Potter art collection with a range of magical framed prints featuring the likes of Sirius Black, Bellatrix, Lucius and of course Harry himself.  We also have a Hogwarts crest for those of you wishing to be a wizard in training!

And below are a few of my favourite movie prints that I’m planning to adorn my walls with, let us know which prints would look perfect in your home!

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Sounding Off. Music related goodies.
Ladies White Dolly Parton T-Shirt £17.99 Kids Black Guns N Roses T-Shirt from Amplified Kids £19.99
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Men's Black Slim Shady Eminem T-Shirt £17.99 Set Of Three Boombox Cushions £59.99
Men's Charcoal Burnout Queen Crest T-Shirt £19.99
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Ladies Red Marl Run DMC Raising Hell Floral Logo T-Shirt from Eleven Paris - £24.99 Men's Charcoal AC/DC Logo Vest from Amplified - £15.99
Men's Black Foreigner T-Shirt from Goodie Two Sleeves - £18.99
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TruffleShuffle fans! We’re back with another (and final!) installment of our long running TruffleShuffle Insider series which has been giving all you lot a little look into the lives of each and everyone of us behind these scenes here at

A perfect chance for us to reveal, who we are, what makes us tick and well perhaps just put some names to faces to anyone who has been in touch before. Stalking if you wish :)

This time we’re taking a few moments to introduce our very latest member of the team, welcome fun loving foreign affairs hero Annette to the stage! Take it away…

Picture credit: Owen Davies
What do you do here at Truffle Towers?
Well, I translate all the English blurbs into German blurbs, and help with any German or French correspondence within customer services. I am pretty German all in all (ever been to Berlin?).
How long have you been at TruffleShuffle?
I’m the newbie in the house. I started earlier this year in March. It seems once you work for TruffleShuffle you never leave. Spooky!
What do you like most about working here / best thing about your job?
I simply love hanging out with nice people (and the team here is awesome), and I love languages. Two flies with one stone, you know?
What is your favourite tee currently on the site?
It’s got to be this one: Black Sabbath 1978 US Tour T-Shirt. Rock! Dark Rock! My boyfriend, who gave me the T-Shirt is standing next to me as I write this.
When you’re not at TruffleTowers, what do you like to do?
I hang out with my ace family, play music (I used to be in two bands here in Bristol for years and years called Big Joan and Annette Berlin), design lots (I’m also a freelance designer) and go to gigs whenever I can, but there has been less partying and late nights since the little twins arrived. Middle aged mum alert!
Recently Finn & Daisy aka ‘the twins’ were playing pirates and were using cardboard cones as wooden pirate legs. They limped up the stairs to go to the bathroom. And as a mum does (I hope it’s not just me) I went up there as well (eventually) to check on their bathroom routines (they’re 4 years old) and asked those all important questions: “Did you flush? Did you wash your hands? Any drips?” Finn just took the earlier mentioned cardboard cone, held it up to his mouth, turned around to me and said “GO AWAY, PLEASE!”
Name three things you like….
My family, 6 Music (don’t tell Claire), Food!….and cats, my friends, PJ Harvey, Warrior Queen, horse riding, walking through woods, singing, Bristol, camping, picnics.
Name three things you don’t like….
Little dogs (only joking*), Math rock and Anchovies (*I’m not joking).
Favourite three films as a kid?
The Fearless Vampire Killers, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and The Muppet Show.
Who is your idol?
PJ Harvey is definitely an idol of mine. I simply love her voice, and the first couple of albums, where she was so raw and hormonal, still blow me away. And she seems to make a decent living from being a musician, whilst still having a private life. Oh, I wish…
Who is the last band you saw live?
Some crazy, experimental band from Indonesia mixing traditional music and loops using instruments built by themselves with a singer who goes effortlessly from a low grunt to an operatic soprano. Check them out live, you won’t believe your eyes and ears. They are called Senyawa.
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
New Orleans and St Petersburg.
Which iconic TV/Film car would you most like to own?
The little beetle, Herbie.
What music are you listening to at the moment?
Difficult, I like so many bands.
Courtney Barnett, Nina Simone, Kate Tempest, This is the Kit, Jemima Surrender, The Hysterical Injury, Part Chimp, Slint. A few of these are from Bristol btw. Bristol is brilliant for music! I ended up living here because of the music. True fact.
If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?
‘Did I mention I like music yet?’
If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
My grandma once won the lottery. She went and bought more lottery tickets with the £20 winnings. It would be the usual I guess, pay off any debts/the house, help your family out, have a nice holiday and build a music studio in the garden shed (have I mentioned I like music?).
So there you have it folks! We’ve officially covered all the names and faces behind the TruffleShuffle shop window. Hopefully you’ve learnt a little something about who we all are, what we all do and just what makes us tick.

Stay tuned next month for a complete round up of all these little interrogations and to get a snap shot of the whole team!


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