Did you know we sell more than funky t-shirts for big kid’s – we have a huge collection of kids tshirts for actual kids too!

Starting from age 0-6 months all the way up to 14-15 years there’s sure to be something for every fan, be it Top Gun, Star Wars, Sesame Street, My Little Pony, Batman – well, whatever you like…… see for yourself!

Even better, this means there is an opportunity for Little And Large wardrobe options for you and your little ones! Yep…. you can now become a matching pair and well…. why wouldn’t you?! To help you select your perfect get up for you and your cheeky ones, we’ve  put together a little collection of some of our favourites below. Enjoy!

Looking for your wingman? Look no further than our Little Maverick t-shirt. The perfect mini match for any of our exclusive Top Gun t-shirts. Oh! Don’t forget your aviators to really complete the look!

Star Wars fans….. look no further, have we got the perfect collaboration for you and your mini jedi. Let your cool t-shirts do the talking with our geektastic Best Dad In The Galaxy T-Shirt and Darth Vader Is My Father T-Shirt.

If you’re more of a gamer you’ll be needing our Player One T-Shirt, (available for men and women) and Player Two T-Shirt to wear when you take over the controls.

Perfect for big and little bookworms, check out our exclusive range of Roald Dahl clothing. Matilda and The BFG have both been lovingly designed on t-shirts for book fans. Mummy, me and Matilda or opt for Friends In High Places Tee with The BFG.

Who You Gonna Call?! Team up Ghostbusters style with t-shirts for all movie fans, plus we’ve even got something for your furry babies too!

Finally we can’t not mention our favourite Batman t-shirts because this is life advice right here – “Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman”!

So there you have them folks! We have plenty more little and large inspired tees over on our site so don’t forget to pop by and take a quick peep.

Are there any designs you think we’ve missed or you would love to see? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

When the going gets tough and there are serious consequences at stake, all real superheroes suit up and are ready for whatever could possibly be thrown at them just like so many of us mortals across the land too.
Thankfully! Not every day needs to be business as usual thanks to our amazing new range of Superhero Suits from top funky brand OppoSuits!
Whether you’re looking to make a splash during the next casual Friday, meeting, staff party, fancy dress event or festival, these amazing funky suits are the perfect thing to give you that something special that people surely won’t forget.
Available in this super flattering slim-fit style, these amazing designs come as a three piece consisting of jacket, trousers and tie.

So it might not be made of skin tight spandex like the real deal, BUT this amazing Superman Suit is every bit as special and sure to instantly make you a hero wherever you go.

Boardroom battles will be much more fun in this DC Comics Batman Suit! It’s time to raise your game in this crazy suit and BAT away the competition with its eye catching all over logo print design and stylish fit.
Whoever you are and whatever you’re up to, reveal your inner superhero with one of these amazing creations that are sure to turn a few heads and wow your public.


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Valentine’s Day shoppers, we feel your pain! Everyone here at some point or another has taken on the daunting task of thinking up and picking out the prefect gifts for that someone special in your lives, and it never gets easier!
Struggling for inspiration? Stuck of ideas? Can’t find that ideal gift? Panic not people of the Internet! We’re here to sooth your shopping woes and help make this as fun and easy as possible which is why we’ve just rounded up allllll our favourite and top selling gifts to show you folks so you can snap up something cool and be ready to just have fun!

So! You’ve seen our top pick for guys, now check out our top picks for girls below for some last-minute inspiration….

Still stuck for ideas? Panic not! Check out our entire range of gifts and goodies to help find the perfect things for your gal.


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It’s loving season again folks! Like those birthdays that seem to pop around sooner and sooner each year, Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us once again and it’s got us all in the mood for spreading some love!
Now, as fellow Valentine’s gift shoppers, we know how tricky it can be to find the perfect presents. Christmas was a hit and all your best ideas as spent. Do you go all our romantic or do you pick up something they’ve lusted after for ages that’s perhaps a little less sweet and flowery?

Whatever you choose, it’s a good idea to have as many options as possible which is why we thought we would give you a helping hand and pick out some of our favourite gifts that we think would be right up your lucky fella’s street!

Take a peep at our top Valentine’s Gifts for Guys….

If you’re still stuck for ideas, why not check out our entire range of gifts and goodies to help find the perfect things for your man.


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Calling all Supermen, Calling all Wonder Women, Calling all Spider-Men, its National Comic Book day. It’s time for all of us Nerds and Geeks to Unite and march to our nearest comic book store and buy all the comics, all the graphic novels and all the super merch you can carry, to celebrate our united love of all things comic book related. To celebrate this day I’m not going to shout about Superman, I’m not going to blab on about Batman or waffle on about Wonder Woman. I’m going to give you a little insight about the underdog heros, The ones who (thankfully) never made it and fell into comic obscurity.

Check out some of our top not so super, Superheroes……

The Legion of the Superpets

In the late 1950s and the early 1960s DC just kind of got weird. They kept introducing all these super intelligent animals with the same superpowers as Superman who all wore red capes. The first was Krypto the Superdog who was sent to earth by Superman’s father Jor-El in a test rocket before he sent Superman to make sure it worked alright. Superman and Krypto were reunited on earth when Superman was a teenager and they fought crime together.
Next was Beppo the Supermonkey. Beppo had pretty much the same story. Jor-El also sent a monkey to make sure the rocket would work. Everybody knows that comics need a chimp, so Beppo provided comic relief by wearing a Superman costume.
The next was Streaky the Supercat. Now Streaky wasn’t sent from Krypton in a rocket but was infected by something called X-Kryptonite which gave earth animals superpowers. Finally came Comet the Superhorse. Comet was an alien horse that was really a centaur who had a curse put on him by some scorned goddess (or something like that) and turned human once a year when a comet passed through Earth’s atmosphere and would romance Supergirl in human form, but the rest of the year was nothing but her pet horse (holy Catherine the Great Batman!). Anyways, these animals eventually joined forces to become the Legion of the Superpets. I swear to god. Ok you hit your head against the desk now, that bits over.


Dogwelder was a character from Garth Ennis’ “Preacher” series. He was part of a superhero team known as Section Eight which was a band of these crazy guys that fought crime in rather weird and inane ways. Dogwelder is my favourite of the bunch though. He’s this madman in a silver welder’s outfit that basically just goes around welding stray dogs to villains’ faces……that’s it. That’s how he fought crime….no joke. Welding dogs…. to people. Mind you it would be a bitch of a thing to have happen to you. You try to rob a bank and you end up with a Lhasa Apso welded to your face, yapping for eternity. *shudder*

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel, noooo not the alien Kree warrior who died of cancer. Nor the red-clad do-gooder who uses the magic word Shazam! To transform himself. This guy was a robot… with amnesia… who could make his arms fall off. Well I’ll just bet Al Qaeda is shivering in its boots hoping that this dude doesn’t come after them. Mercifully canceled after five issues, but not before he fought a dude who could shoot lighting out of his nose.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl. This lunkheaded creation has actually garnered somewhat of a fan following in recent years for being so dang ridiculous. Doreen Green has the mutant power to communicate with squirrels, and this buck-toothed champion of justice has defeated Dr.Doom, Thanos and Terrax the Tamer all by her lonesome. This is because comic books are stupid. She definitely wins our scariest eyes award that for sure!


….I’m just going to let Wikipedia handle this one for me. “Extraño (Spanish for “strange” or “odd”) is a fictional gay Hispanic magician published by DC Comics.”. To make matters worse, he was later attacked by an AIDS vampire named the “Hemo-Goblin” and given the HIV. Way to play into the magician stereotype guys.

Admittedly I kind of like the thought of some of these guys especially Dogwelder but maybe that’s just me geeking over Ennis. If you want to start grabbing some Marvel and DC goodies, check our our huge rangeo of Superhero T-Shirts and Comic book gifts today.

Otherwise have a great comic book day and in the words of Stan Lee “Excelsior”!


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Fathers Day - Superhero Banner

Superheroes, believe it or not don’t get their special powers from wearing TruffleShuffle Superhero T-Shirts. Most get their powers in some unlikely ways. Peter Parker, was changed into Spider Man by the bite of a radioactive spider. Bruce Banner became the hulk after standing too close to a nuclear explosion. Some, get their powers via technology: Iron Man has powered armor & Batman has a host of cool gadgets. Dads have had to learn, improve and hone their very own super powers to deal with all that fatherhood has to throw at them. So, why not treat your very own superhero to one of our specially-picked fathers day gifts?

Fathers Day - Spider Man Banner

Is your dad agile, fearless but a bit rash at times? Does he sometimes come across as immature? If you can put this down to a youthful outlook on life he sounds like he may well be your very own personal Peter Parker. We definitely have some fab Spiderman T-Shirts to satisfy your webtastic wannabe!

Fathers Day - Batman Banner

Does your dad lack any ACTUAL superpowers? Is he more intelligent, faster and stronger than most humans? Does he have a thing for ‘gadgets’? Does he like to see that justice is served? It sounds like you may live with a gotham-goodie! We’ll have a Batman T-Shirt to bring a smile to your on personal caped crusader!

Fathers Day - Iron Man Banner

Is your dad brave? Maybe a little bit cocky? Is he full of energy? Does he have a favourite suit? Why not shop Iron Man Accessories or T-Shirts. Because even Stark enterprises has dress-down-Friday!

Fathers Day - Hulk Banner

Is your dad a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde character? One minute he’s mild mannered, the next flies into an uncontrollable rage? Does his brute force out-weight his intelligence? Well I think we know who your dad is matched to? Why not treat him to an incredible Hulk tee that Bruce Banner would be proud of!

Fathers Day - Superman Banner

Not found your dad so far? Well, you’ve probably got the most superdad then? If you have an honest, all-round stand up sort of dad who seems to have no end of abilities and can literally take care of anything, then you’ve probably already realised you have your very own couch-loving Clark Kent. We have loads of Superman T Shirts ready to fly off the shelves!!

Men’s Blue Marl DC Comics
Batman Slogan T-Shirt

Men’s Green Keep Calm Don’t Make
Me Angry Incredible Hulk T-Shirt

Superman Vacuum Flask

Men’s Black Marvel Faces T-Shirt

Fathers Day - Shop Now
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