Win A Copy Of ‘Vintage T-Shirts’ by Taschen

We are feeling generous at Truffle Towers today and have decided to run a small Twitter competition/giveaway.

The Prize
We are giving away a copy of the ‘Vintage T-Shirts‘ book by Taschen. If you are not familiar with the book here is a short description:
“This wicked ‘Vintage T Shirts’ Taschen book is a real education in the mastery of T-shirt design! Compiled by Patrick and Marc Guetta and Alison A Nieder. This book includes some really iconic images selected by the Guetta brothers who’s experiences as T-Shirt retailers in America and life-long passion for vintage design make this a truely special sentimental read. Get ready for a real nostaligia trip!”

How To Enter
Entry into the competition is really really simple. All you have to do is tweet the text below and you will be entered into a draw with a winner being picked at random from all the entries:

RT for the chance to Win a copy of ‘Vintage T-Shirts’ by Taschen from @truffleshuffle_ More details on our blog: #tsvb

The competition will close at 10am (GMT) on Friday 19th November, so get your entry in ASAP.

Do I need to follow @TruffleShuffle_ on Twitter to be entered in the giveaway?
You do not have to follow us (@TruffleShuffle_) to be eligible for the giveaway. However, we will be announcing our winners and fulfilling prizes via Twitter and so following us will be helpful should you be selected as the winner. See “How will you contact the winners?” below.

How will you contact the winners?
We will announce each winner via our Twitter account (@TruffleShuffle_). In addition, we will attempt to contact each winner directly via Twitter. If the winner follows @TruffleShuffle_ on Twitter, we will be able to send them a direct message. If the winner does not follow us, we will send them an @reply and ask them to follow us so that we can then direct message them. If we do not receive a response from a winner after a period of five business days or if for any reason we are unable to work out the details of fulfillment with a winner, we will select a new winner and begin the process again.

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