This weeks Friday Facebook Competition!

As you may already know, Friday means Facebook Competition day here at Truffle Towers which means we give you lovely lot the chance to win free money to spend on the site! Happy days!

This week, we came across this rather hilarious Barbie inspired pic so we couldn’t resist a caption related question!

This weeks Friday Competition - give us your best caption on our facebook fan page for your chance to win!

To enter, all you need to do is give us your best accompanying caption in the comments box on our facebook page. The funnier the better of course! We need your answers before 2pm as usual and the winner will be announced this afternoon.

Get involved on our facebook page here for your chance to win and you can giggle along to all the other entries too!


One Reply to “This weeks Friday Facebook Competition!”

  1. We’ve just announced our very worthy winner whose caption was so hillarious, we couldn’t resist sharing it on here too…

    After fruitless attempts to eradicate Cindy, Barbie finally took matters into her own hands and ate the b***h.

    Well done Catherine Hamill – you definitely brightened up our Friday.

    Have a great weekend all xoxo

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