What do you get if you cross Star Wars with Call of Duty?

Star Wars and Call of Duty fans will love this unofficial mod which turns your PC copy of Modern Warfare into an epic game of galactic battling. In development since 2009, it’s called Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare, and is the product of a team of German coders called BlackMonkeys. Check out the video trailer below for a sneaky peek of what to expect….

As The Guardian reports, It’s a total conversion so all the environments, weapons and characters have been re-skinned to fit within the Star Wars universe. Players can choose to become troopers in the Imperial Forces or soldiers of the Rebel Alliance, before scrapping it out over seven maps including Mos Eisley, Bespin and Jundland. Of course, as it’s a mod, you’ll need the PC version of CoD: Modern Warfare, but if you already own the game, you have little excuse not to download, install and start deathmatching on the deadly sands of Tatooine. We  just hope the legal depts at LucasFilm and Activision will turn a blind eye!

Anyone had a play yet?


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