Ode To The 80’s

One of TruffleShuffle’s favourite Facebook fans Ashlea Davies has written this amazing poem for us and we wanted to share it with you all as if you are a child of the 80’s it will certainly bring back some memories!

The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air,
Is what I really liked,
A true 80’s child,
I was totally psyched!
I could rap all the words,
From beginning to end,
I could do the Carlton,
With my 80’s school friends!

I loved Blossom and Duck Tales,
Had streamers on my bike!
And on the side of my head,
Had a pony tail too tight.

I had loads of cassettes,
Would rewind, stop and play,
To learn all of the words,
To my best songs, all day!

I would wax on, wax off,
Do a Care Bear stare!
I would wear a banana clip,
To hold back my big hair!

By the power of Greyskull,
I knew I had the power,
To play my Atari,
And not stop for hours!

I wore fluorescent slouch socks
And those slap on wrist bands,
Poltergeist freaked me out,
And I’d try to breakdance!

I would say “Where’s the beef?”
And my friends would all laugh,
I held top score on Pac Man,
And my trainers were naff!

And this, my friends, is what Willis was really talking ’bout!

Thank you so much for this Ashlea, we have the best customers! We hope all our blog readers love the poem as much as we did, snap bands and banana clips – we had totally forgotten about them!!

We love all our fans (especially as they do such lovely things like this for us!!), it makes it all worthwhile and we will continue to search for all the old skool stuff you love so keep us posted with your requests and what you would like to see on our site and as always we will see what we can do for you.

So, after a little trip down nostalgia lane is there anything that bought back memories for you?


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  1. This poem is amazing! Ashlea has done a wicked job with her rhymes. Love it though i”ve now got the theme tune to the Fresh Prince in my head. After me, “In West Philadelphia born and raised…..”


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