The Rock Chick’s Back In Black

Before I started to guest blog for TruffleShuffle I was already a regular customer (some would say TS tees contributed to my current financial situation of ‘not good’) and owned more than a few t-shirts in my Wardrobe.

Amongst those tees were a few from the label ‘Amplified’ who have an amazing range of music t-shirts. As much as I love my fashion, I love my music more but if I can combine the two then why not! So when TruffleShuffle asked me to do my next post based on a ‘Rock Chick’ theme, I didn’t have to think twice. And of course there was only one label that I was going to choose from…

Even though I will be the first to admit that I have the most random/eclectic taste in music (anything goes- within reason) one genre has to be a firm fave: Rock & Roll. It was tough choosing an Amplified tee as there are so many amazing tees to pick from but I really wanted one from the lyrics range. Unfortunately the ladies “I wanna be adored” Stone Roses tee was sold out but I wasn’t upset for too long as the AC/DC “Back in Black” T Shirt wasn’t!

AC/DC Back In Black T-Shirt
AC/DC Back In Black T-Shirt

AC squiggly line DC’s “Back in Black” is one of my favourite rock anthems ever. From the intro you are hooked. It’s got everything a rock song should have in my opinion; epic guitar riffs, shouty vocals and catchy lyrics. This song definitely brings out the inner rock chick in me complete with air guitar and head banging.

My personal everyday style has a lot of rock influence so I found it pretty natural to style the tee. Taking inspiration from music videos from the early 80’s & 90’s (Madonna and Slash from Guns N Roses etc) to the modern day fashionistas such as Fearne Cotton, Kate Moss and Alice Dellal.

The t-shirt is actually quite long so in the first outfit photo I’ve folded it under to make it look shorter. One item every rock chick needs in her wardrobe is the biker jacket, guaranteed to give any outfit an edge. To inject slight colour into my outfit I opted for grey jeans instead of black. If only I owned some ripped stonewash jeans… (though my parents would not be impressed!) As it was such a nice day I chose black espadrille wedges, adding a bit of glamour to my look. My bandana scarf which I used as a makeshift belt is an ode to Guns N Roses front man Axl Rose…

AC DC T Shirt
AC DC T Shirt

This next outfit shows that t-shirts like this one can be styled for the night time and not just for a casual daytime look. All I’ve done to glam my outfit up is to swap my jeans for this seasons ‘it’ skirt: the midi- in black of course. The rest of the look is down to its accessories. Skulls, eyelets, studs and chains add a tough yet glam vibe whilst red lips and black eyeliner polish the look off well. As you can see even a pair of heels couldn’t stop me from rocking out in the garden… *air guitars*

After styling my “Back in Black” tee I got a tad carried away and dug out some of my other Amplified t-shirts which are still available to buy on TruffleShuffle. Next up was my Guns N Roses t-shirt.

Guns n Roses T Shirt
Guns n Roses T Shirt

Not as rock & roll as the previous outfits, I wanted to give this one a grunge feel, so what better way to do that then to wear an oversized tartan shirt? Although I live in my black lace up boots (another wardrobe staple for a rock chick) I thought these brown boots complimented the khaki jeans and the worn out colour of the tee well. I think this has to be my favourite lazy day outfit. If grunge isn’t as rock n roll for you then swap the shirt for your leathers and if you’ve got the legs then some denim cut-offs will transform this outfit to a super cool rock chick look that Kate Moss would be proud of…

And last but not least; the Rolling Stones T Shirt. I think EVERY wardrobe should have a Rolling Stones tee in it, not just any Stones tee but one with the famous lips and tongue logo.

Rolling Stones T Shirt
Rolling Stones T Shirt

Luckily for us Amplified have a wide range of t-shirts and jumpers for you Rolling Stones fans. I absolutely love the fit of this t-shirt.

I’ve worn my t-shirt with some dark blue skinny jeans but I’m still searching for some red skinny jeans (that aren’t too tight!) which would be perfect for this outfit. Leopard print is another way of injecting colour and a glam edge to any rock outfit hence the shoes. But my piece de resistance is my beautiful Alexander McQueen skull scarf, which lets face it adds rock n roll chic to any outfit.

Anyway all this talk of rock and roll has given me the sudden urge to throw a TV out the window! As some famous dude with big lips once sang “Its only rock and roll, but I like it…”

*puts air guitar down*

Don’t be blue, here come The Smurfs…

Another modern day movie adaption of one of our favourite retro cartoons is headed our way, this time it’s the turn of The Smurfs!

The Smurfs Gang!

The last film was ‘The Smurfs and the Magic Flute’, which came out in 1976 so this new film has been a long time coming!  This time though, instead of the traditional cartoon style which we’re all used to, the characters have been given a modern makeover and are starring as 3D CGI animated models which has come as a bit of a shock to the Smurf fans here at TruffleShuffle!  Have a look at the trailer below and see for yourself…

The new movie is due for release in the UK on August the 10th but just came out over in America this last weekend which has given us the chance to see what the critics think before deciding whether or not to shell out on tickets! Having read some of the reviews from bloggers etc though, it seems as though the overwhelming response hasn’t been that great.  Reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes have said “If you remember the characters fondly, this theatrical version will do little to enhance that memory…” and “[A] relentlessly witless and cynical children’s movie packed with potty jokes, product plugs and double-entendres along the lines of “What the Smurf?”” , although there is no major praise for the film there are still a few people who think it’s good to see the Smurfs back and they can be quite sweet.  General consensus seems to be that this new version lacks the cool and cute charm of the original cartoons and is strictly for kids (not kids at heart, like us!) Damn!

Katy Perry rocking a Smurfette inspired dress!

With that in mind, perhaps the coolest thing to come out of this new movie is Katy Perry’s amazing Smurfette dress that she wore to the American premiere. She looked amazing showing off a new blonde hairstyle (no doubt a homage to Smurfette whom she voiced for the new film) and even managed to out Smurf the real deal on the red carpet!

She kissed a smurf, and she liked it...

If Katy has inspired any of you guys to add some Smurf magic to your wardrobe, check out some of the great tees we have on the site for a more subtle way of showing your appreciation! My personal favourite has to be the tee that’s accusing Papa Smurf of being a hipster – he’s suddenly gotten a lot cooler in my eyes!  There are also some fab Smurfette designs available so you ladies can channel the cartoon cutie and steal Katy’s style!

Hipster Smurf

Back to the movie though, we’re curious as to what you guys think of yet another remake?  Will any of you be venturing out to the cinema to catch some Smurfs action?  And if there are any long term Smurf fans, what do you think of their radical new makeover? Let us know!