We had the time of our lives!

Last night – us ladies decided to ditch the men of TruffleShuffle and head to Bristol Hippodrome for Dirty Dancing on stage.

Checklist in tow of course:

Front row tickets – check.

Retro sweets – check.

Dirty Dancing T-shirt – check.

A crush on Johnny Castle – check.

Lots of happy 80’s memories – check.

We arrived after having a meal at a nearby restaurant, got seated and had a quick chat about what to expect.  I have only been to the theatre a few times, so I was unsure about what the night had in store for us. It was Press Night which meant there was a great buzz in the audience, lots of expectations and people waiting to see their Classic 80’s film brought to life again.

The cast is outstanding – the likeness between the main characters Johnny, Baby and Penny are chillingly accurate. Emily Holt, playing Baby gives an excellent portrayal of the slightly quirky, awkward lady who graced our screens in the 80’s. Paul-Michael Jones brought Johnny to life with his rugged good looks, rebel attitude and overall ‘je ne sais quoi’. Penny – played by the gorgeous Charlotte Gooch stole the show in our eyes – stunning, amazing presence and flawless dance moves (she get’s a massive thumbs up from the TruffleShuffle ladies!)

The dancing is everything you would expect it to be – all the classic dances are included, along with a couple of extras thrown in that you don’t expect to see.

Overall, this is a show well worth seeing. You won’t be disappointed at all if you are a fan of the film. It’s exactly what you want it to be, with none of the ‘best bits’ left out. And yes, they do the lift!


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