Sunny, You Goonie!

Heeyyy you guys!

It’s been a little while since I submitted a guest post for TruffleShuffle, so I thought I’d better make this one a really good one!

Well I don’t know about you but there was clearly only one topic that I could talk about:
‘The Goonies’

Probably one of the best films EVER. You can quote me on that one too!

A few weeks ago, The Goonies was on one of the TV channels. Despite the fact that I have it on DVD and must have watched it at least a trillion times, I always get excited when it comes on. So much so I have to let all my friends and family know it’s on. You can’t beat watching it live! 🙂

My dream team DVD collection!

What really shocked me though this time around was the amount of people on my Twitter and some of my colleagues who had never heard of it let alone watched it. SAY WHAAAT! How have people never watched this film before?? I mean, I wasn’t even born in 1985 (1988 in case you were wondering) when it was released yet I remember watching it when I was a nipper.

So once I had stopped shouting “I can’t believe you haven’t watched The Goonies man!” I then had the task of explaining exactly what the film is about and why it is the best film ever, pretty easy task really.

See I feel explaining it using the written word just doesn’t do it justice at all, or even speaking about it for that matter. It’s just one of those films that you have to see yourself to truly appreciate it, but here goes.

It’s a classic adventure film where a group of friends find a treasure map and set off on an amazing adventure to try and find “One-eyed” Willy’s treasure. All for the purpose of saving their beloved town- the Goon Docks. Along the way they have to put up with a family of bad guys (The Fratelli’s), booby-traps (booty traps as Data says-lolz), a deformed yet friendly ‘giant’ Sloth and a whole lot of crazy scary scenarios.

Trust me this film is pretty epic. Oh and it isn’t as “childish” as it sounds!

This is the kind of film where you fall in love with every character, makes you laugh, it makes you root for the Goonie gang to find the treasure and most of all it makes you wish you were a kid again- a Goonie.

As I once read somewhere, watching The Goonies is like watching all your dreams come true on screen.

If you haven’t watched it this film then why not add it on to your to do list? After seeing this film, you’ll be quoting the dialogues (fifty-dollar bills!) and doing the ‘Truffleshuffle’ (yep this website was named after The Goonies– it is THAT cool).

My very first purchase all those years ago on Truffleshuffle was actually a Goonies t-shirt, and trust me it wasn’t my last! There are always some ace Goonie goodies available.

Just one of my Goonies goodies

Cos just like Sloth loves Chunk. I love The Goonies…and Truffleshuffle of course.

Now excuse me, I’ve got a date with Mikey, Brand, Chunk, Mouth, Data, Andy, Stef and Sloth…


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