Weekend Movie Sofa Challenge 2 – The Sequel

O.k. so two weeks ago I set myself a challenge to watch as many movies as possible over the course of a weekend.

I’m almost ashamed to say I failed that challenge. I put it down to a short attention span and consuming too much alcohol on Satuday night which meant I got out of bed to find I’d missed most of the day. EPIC FAIL!

Luckily though, all is not lost! Whilst browsing the good old TV guide this week, I noticed that Sky movies sci/fi has a Superman marathon on (not easy at all to say.)

Yes all my fellow wannabe Superheroes, all four Superman movies starring the legendary Christopher Reeves along with Superman Returns are being shown on Sunday from 12:40 pm onwards.

Unfortunately for me however, I don’t have Sky nor do I know any one that does, bad times! Never fear though, if you’re in the same boat and need a retro movie smack upside the head this weekend, here’s an alternative list of old school delights available to you this weekend on good old regular television.


Smokey and the Bandit 2: Watch Bert Reynolds and his awesome tash from 11:55-1:45 on ITV

City Slickers 2: I’ve seen the first one so I’ll try to watch this which is on from 1:45-3:50 on 5 USA

Short Circuit 2: Number 5 is alive and is a total robot legend, in fact the best robot ever next to Steven Hawkins whose technically not a robot but a cyborg. On from 4:00pm- 6:10pm on G.O.L.D

Weekend at Bernie’s: It’s pure 80’s gold and if you haven’t seen it, you should! In fact, if there’s one movie to watch this weekend it’s this one. On from 7:00pm-9:00pm, ITV4


Every Which Way But Loose: Clint Eastwood and an orangutan named Clyde get into trouble with hillarious results. It’s on from 11:45-1:50 on ITV

Batteries Not Included: Tiny space robot fun, on from 3:35PM- 5:40PM on ITV3

Toy Story 2: Buzz, Woody and my personal favourites Mr. and Mrs. Potato head are back for round 2 in my pick of the day! Fantastic fun for all the family! Catch it from 6:05-8:05 on C5

Hot Shots Part Deux: And our final retro treat comes in the form of Charlie Sheen before he went a bit nuts mind. Brilliant fan! 7:20-9:00pm Film 4

And that’s all folks! Any great movie recommendations you might have would very much be appreciated seeing as I’m trying to make up for my appalling lack of commitment last week.

If you do watch any of these films let us know what you thought, after all, the films you watch inspire us to make better t-shirts.

Have an awesome weekend everybody.

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