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It’s that time again! With the month of February approaching – we are on the lookout for Januarys Review of the Month.

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Our winner last month told us how much she loved her Casio and bagged herself some credit to purchase one of our amazing t-shirts, hoodies and accessories

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As mentioned – it couldn’t be easier to add a review, for inspiration why not check out our Reviews Page? We will choose our favourite on the 2nd of February. Good luck TruffleShufflers! xoxo

Bread and Butter January 2012 – The Buyer Experience

We love Bread and Butter! Every year after Christmas when everyone else is feeling gloomy, Claire and I get all excited about the trip to Berlin where we see new and existing fashion brands showcased at the wonderful Bread And Butter trade show. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with familiar faces and meet tons of new ones too and this time we had the added bonus of our lovely colleague James’ company!

It’s an early start, heading off from Bristol, Heathrow bound, at the un-godly hour of 3am. A couple of bleary eyed hours later, we found ourselves seated ready for some top nosh breakfast at Gordon Ramsey’s Plane Food restaurant at terminal 5 (the best terminal by far). This always deserves a mention, my Eggs Florentine was a vision to behold and tasted pretty good too.

When we finally arrived in a rather nippy Berlin, we paid a visit to the trade show Premium first. This was a high-end fashion show where we picked up loads of details from potential new suppliers and brands with the aim to launch later this year. We caught up with the guys at Chaser LA and absolutely loved their new ranges, we now know whats coming in all the way up to July! Expect to see more distressing, ripped details, tie dye and fringing, perfect for this year’s 90’s trend. No pics allowed though, so you will just have to keep you ear close to the ground!

Then it was off to Bread and Butter which is housed in the magnificent (now de-funct) Templehof Airport. With all the original signs, luggage conveyor belts and check in desks intact, it really is a breathtaking venue.

Frantically weaving our way through the crowds, we got to drop by Chunk, Coloud and Worn By ‘s stands (as well as many more) where we got a sneak preview of the up-coming lines for 2012. And we can tell you, there is a lot to look forward to! We also spotted some exciting new brands here which we can’t wait to start working with this year.

And so, with throbbing feet and sack loads of catalogues we made our way back to the airport, snoozing our way back to good old Blighty.


Exclusive!!! Raggy Dolls now at TruffleShuffle proudly presents…

We are so excited about the launch of our first range of Raggy Dolls tees! With a host of gorgeous designs. You can get them here, both for men and ladies!

Raggy Dolls first burst onto our telly screens in 1986 and ran all the way through to 1994. It actually holds the record for the longest running children’s series of its genre and to celebrate it’s 50th episode, mega-fan George Harrison of the Beatles was enlisted to perform in the opening sequence!

This is one t-shirt collection you do not want to miss out on!


Bread and Butter Berlin 2012: Turn it up to 11!

I was lucky enough to attend the amazing Bread and Butter trade show last week. Based in Berlin, this ultra-inspiring event is like a big melting pot of brilliant brands, designers, fashion trends, glamour, catwalks and above all, creativity. Hosting thousands of visitors each season, we spotted some amazing examples of street style, design and just generally cool shizzle so we couldn’t resist sharing.  Check out some of my favourite snaps of the day below….

The event took place in the old Berlin Templehof airport meaning the entrance looked fab with check in desks, retro airport signage and goodie bags and guides rotating on a luggage conveyor belt. It gave us loads to look at before we had even entered the venue!

Here’s a little overview of some of the stalls, as you can see everything was crammed in meaning there was so much to see and do.

The amazing Tommy Hilfiger don’t do things by half – check out their huge stand which came complete with a proper ice rink complete, topped off with tonnes of model penguins. Amazing.

One of our fave headphones brand, Coloud, had a whole wall of fab new colours.  Tomato flavoured for me please!

We loved seeing the new Worn By collection.  There’s so many great new tees to look forward to, especially if you’re a Beatles fan!

These awesome hats were designed by the team at New Era, each one has bags of character and would require a brave person to go around wearing one!  My personal favourite is the amazing typewriter styled one.

Clothing brand Diksi put together a very chic Japanese style arrangement, we loved the authentic looking umbrellas and fans.

Lee Cooper had the right idea, their stall was set up to resemble an old fashioned English pub.  There were fruit machines, a dartboard and even a barmaid serving pints of beer while you browsed the clothing!

A great find for me was this fab stall that had a big selection of cool vinyl toys including some brand new Qees and Domus, perfect clutter for any stylish home!

Check out these super-sized speakers, can you imagine rocking out next to these!?

Kangaroo’s way of displaying their new range of shoes was certainly unique…  Maybe not the most hygenic, but we loved the look of it!

We had such an inspiring day at Bread and Butter, not only was there a huge amount of great new clothing and accessories from a massive amount of fab brands and labels.  But there was so much thought and care put into the way the stalls were laid out, it was a load of fun to wonder through.  You guys have tons of brand new goodies to look forward to this year!

You know you’re a child of the 90’s when…

After our recent Facebook competition, and with all the exciting ranges we are working on here at TruffleShuffle – it got us thinking about how cool the 90’s were. We’re obviously big fans of anything 80’s related – whether it be 80’s t-shirts, hoodies and accessories or just good old fashioned nostalgia, however the (sometimes forgotten) 90’s can be held responsible for a lot of retro goodness…

With the likes of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Spice Girls, Round the Twist, The Simpsons, Saved by the Bell, Johnny Bravo and Ren and Stimpy…’s pretty clear why the 90’s was such a cool era to grow up in.

If you’re holding out for the Fun House twins or (like me) you’re waiting for Zach Morris to sweep you off your feet – you may have a chuckle about what ‘officially’ makes you a 90’s kid…summed up by our lovely Facebook fans – here are some of our favourite responses…!

You just cant resist finishing this… “In west philladelphia born and raised…”

You pretended to be either Wolf or Jet

Your first mobile phone wasn’t smarter then you

You used to sing Barbie Girl in both Ken & Barbie voice

You start the elderly style complaints about cartoons will never be the same

You actually watch rainbow now and understand the innuendos from a program

You were never “bored” and your mum called your name not your mobile! ;oP

You used to have temporary tattoos free from smash hits/top of the pops magazine of your fave bands logo on your arms & pretend they were real

You still call starburst ‘opal fruits’ and say ‘taped’ instead of ‘sky plussed’ a program!

You remember pogs, loved Zack Morris and wanted a pet hedgehog called Sonic…

You say ‘HAMMERTIME!’ when someone says ‘stop’

You spent Saturday mornings on your inflatable chair watching live and kicking/sm:tv live, spent the rest of the day outside playing on your bike and roller blades dressed in your old jeans, sweater shop t shirt and baseball boots, (not a games console insight, apart from the odd half hour on a car trip playing with your game boy), and the evening was spent watching awesome tv – blind date, Noel’s house party, and mr blobby!!

You genuinely believed that one day you would marry Zack Morris

What do you think makes you a child of the 90’s? For inspiration – browse TruffleShuffle …all your childhood memories under one roof! xoxo