Getting Creative With Our Photography!

Recently we’ve been trying to push our photography skills here at Truffle Towers. Trying to push our abilities past the everyday standard product shots of our truly awesome tees and accessories to create something to inspire, interest and catch the eye of our much loved fans and customers.

It’s turning out to be a very challenging process which feels quite alien to me and puts me on the spot each time forcing me to learning from each mistake so I thought I would share a few of my recent favourites with you.

I am given a brief of the products we want to feature and a few pictures of the type of shots we’re looking to recreate and draw inspiration from and then off I go to shoot them! For a recent banner I needed a suitable model and decided our designer James was going to be perfect for the job!
My photo of James was then edited to use as Valentine’s banner which is now on the site.

This is the studio where it all takes place!

The finished product image for the site.

A lot of my photography has been Valentine’s related in the last few weeks while we compose our top gifts and so I have based my pictures around the LOVE theme!

We love to create a collection of our products when we are launching new collections.

So, that was a sneaky peek behind the scenes to show you what goes on at Truffle Towers, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some of my pics in the future!


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