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Here at, we get regular emails from yummy mummies-to-be wanting to know whether we have a range of maternity tees to accommodate their growing bumps.

While we don’t have a specific range of maternity wear as yet – thanks to a baby boom here at Truffle Towers – we’ve realised that tonnes of our Tees and Clothing work brilliantly even when you are pregnant so we couldn’t resist giving you a sneak peek into the TruffleShuffle teams maternity wardrobe to give you guys some tips on how to make the most of all our amazing retro gear when you’re pregnant!

Maternity T-Shirts and Clothing available at

Our new range of fun and funky pullovers and sweaters are proving to be very popular maternity wear for the growing bumps in our offices. When it comes to shopping for maternity clothes, mums to be know that affordability, practicality and comfort are key and even at 6 months pregnant, I’m still finding my Jem pullover super comfy (it’s composed of a super soft and stretchy cotton – ideal for wrapping around your sensitive tummy.)

I’m normally a UK size 10 so would usually buy a size small but by going for a size large, I reckon this will do me right through to the end of my pregnancy quite easily. They sit really nice and long on the body so there’s lots of room to accommodate you as you grow and the best thing is – I know I’ll still get loads of wear out of it when the baby is born because a girl can never have too many slouchy sweaters – in fact it will be perfect for layering when the winter months draw in!

With a huge range of fun prints on offer, shop our full range of retro pullovers here – all of which are available up to a UK size 20! Just remember – as you get further through your pregnancy you can always buy a size or two up from what you normally would to accommodate your growing bump!

maternity t shirts from
Nobody Puts THIS Baby In A Corner!

The same rule applies with most of our fitted tees too! I’m wearing a size large in the above pic (2 sizes up from what I’d normally wear) and again – not only was the tee really comfortable but there was still plenty of stretch in it to accommodate the bump as it grows. I tried a medium too and this fitted fine at 6 months but probably wouldn’t have lasted for much longer.

A great tip a friend gave me though was to invest in a bump band which will sit under a regular T-shirt but stop your belly peeking out. They’re dead cheap and with one of these at your disposal – you could quite easily stretch a smaller sized tee for a fair bit longer into your pregnancy. Well worth a try!

And once again – don’t forget, you won’t have to ditch these when the littleun finally makes an appearance! Unlike typical maternity tees which really don’t work without a bump – these will look fab as oversized, slouchy tees when you’re back to your pre-pregnancy self! Perfect for tucking into high waisted skirts and shorts.

Grey Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner Ladies T-Shirt

Our brilliant Dirty Dancing Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner tee makes for a really fun pregnancy tee but  we’ve got literally hundreds more designs available here…..

This Cookie Monster design for example is a really fun find for mums to be (especially for anyone with cookie cravings!)

Nom nom nom......

And don’t be shy about showing off your bump – I also found that wearing clothes that hug your bump, especially as you get further through your pregnancy, looked way more flattering that styles which tried too heavily to disguise it so well worth a try!

If however you do prefer looser fit tees, never fear as we have plenty of choice on that front too!

Try Junk Food’s new range of fashion tees which come with a low scoop neck and an oversized, slouchy fit making them perfect for skimming your bump. And as an added bonus – the sloppy fit of these tees meant I didn’t even need to go up a size to accommodate my bump and there was still plenty of room for growth making this a brilliant value buy.

The Kicking Back slogan on this Snoopy tee is the perfect reminder for mums to be to take it easy too!

Shop my picks of the best Junk Food shapes to take you through your pregnancy here!

Hopefully this has helped all you fellow mums to be deal with that all too familiar dilemma of how to approach your pregnancy wardrobe.

Remember, you can still create a fashion statement as unique as you are – even during pregnancy! Don’t be afraid to have fun dressing your bump and remember – maternity clothes don’t have to mean smocks and tonnes of black!

And most importantly, you don’t have to restrict yourself to maternity clothing meaning you can still get your TruffleShuffle fix while waiting for the littleun to make an appearance!

Hope you enjoyed my post but please do let me know what you think in the comments box below – would love to hear your maternity styling tips and whether any TruffleShuffle tees are brightening up your pregnancy xoxoxo

10 Awesome Gifts For Geeks

Thanks to the huge success of TV programs such as The Big Bang Theory, being a geek is finally seen as cool! Woop Woop!

As the web developer and chief geek here at Truffle Towers it has fallen on me to share with you my pick of 10 great gifts for geeks, here we go:

Retro Ipad Cover Retro Padintosh Ipad Cover
This Ipad cover based on the original Apple Mac computer makes for a great addition to your uber-geek toy. Embrace the old with the new and earn instant geek points from your peers with this stylish cover.

Only £19.99 – Get Yours: Retro Padintosh Ipad Cover

Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Wall Clock
This awesome wall clock in the form of Star War’s Darth Vader is an great addition to any geeks pad. With it’s glowing eyes and Darth Vader sound effects, this clock is a must have for fans of the Star Wars movies and geeks around the world.

Only £27.99 – Get Yours: Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Wall Clock

Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Clock
Retro Phone Handset Retro Phone Handset
Want to stand out from the crowd? Then you need this fantastic Retro Phone Handset. With smartphones all starting to look the same it is becoming harder to make your phone stand out from the crowd, this retro accessory will help you to do just that as well as earning you some extra geek-cred from your pals.

Only £16.99 – Get Yours: Retro Phone Handset

Rubik’s Cube USB Speaker
It looks like a Rubik’s cube but it’s actually a USB speaker! How clever! Any mathematical, problem solving minds are bound to appreciate the ingenuity behind such a marvelous creation! From a distance it will also look like you have a completed Rubik’s cube on your desk.

Only £19.99 – Get Yours: Rubik’s Cube USB Speaker

Rubik's Cube USB Speaker
Classic Silver Calculator Databank Casio Watch Classic Silver Calculator Databank Casio Watch
This awesome retro Databank watch comes in silver and has a calculator, currency convertor, ability to store phone numbers and names which are cleverly automatically sorted. Is there anything else a geek needs from their watch?

Only £55.00 – Get Yours: Classic Silver Calculator Databank Casio Watch

Black Multi Space Invaders iPhone 4 Case
On this retro case the pixelated alien shooters invade the iPhone 4 case and bring back memories in the hearts of anyone who has ever spent time playing Space Invaders.

Only £24.99 – Get Yours: Black Multi Space Invaders iPhone 4 Case

Black Multi Space Invaders iPhone 4 Case
Vintage Style Vinyl Book Ends Vintage Style Vinyl Book Ends
If you are a geek like me then chances are you have got loads of books lying around all over the place. Keep them tidy and up-together with these awesome vintage bookends.

Only £10.99 – Get Yours: Vintage Style Vinyl Book Ends

Star Wars 9 Inch Chewbacca Talking Plush Toy
Are you a fan of the Star Wars movies? Then the Chewbacca talking plush toy will be right up your street. A great item collectors of cult movie memorabilia.

Only £19.99 – Get Yours: Star Wars 9 Inch Chewbacca Talking Plush Toy

Star Wars 9 Inch Chewbacca Talking Plush Toy
Black Clear Geek Wayfarer Glasses Black Clear Geek Wayfarer Glasses
Geek Chic is well and truly in! These cute, yet sexy retro specs are the look of the season so snap yours up pronto!

Only £14.99 – Get Yours: Black Clear Geek Wayfarer Glasses

Marvel Comics Characters Wallet
This ‘Marvelous’ Marvel wallet featuring a clever montage of vintage comic strip graphics really does hit the spot! Featuring the likes of The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman and the X-men to name only a few! A perfect gift for all you comic book geeks.

Only £13.99 – Get Yours: Marvel Comics Characters Wallet

Marvel Comics Characters Wallet

Want to explore our full range of gifts, you can do so here: Retro Gifts.

Which is your favourite geek gift? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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Summer’s here! Check out our HOT new releases!

It’s that time of year for a wardrobe change and what better place to come than TruffleShuffle for some funky, retro beauties to see you through the Summer! We have a great selection of amazing tees and accessories which are perfect for lounging around in the sunshine, feasting out at barbeque’s in, hopping along the beach and attending glorious tea parties. Have a look at some of our new additions below for inspiration…


We love the authentic vintage look of Junk Food’s tees and this latest collection offers even more with fabulous shapes, music tees and more of those distressed prints of all our favourite retro characters.


Fydelity bags are the ultimate Summer accessory. Not only do they look fantastic, hold a load of stuff, they ALSO come with in built speakers and amplifier so you can take your favourite tunes with you everywhere you go! There are a variety of styles you could go for, such as the generously proportioned Tote bag, 90’s style barrel shaped gym bag, bum-bags, handy wallet and amazing cool bags. Just the ticket for festivals, beach parties or lounging around in the park. We have had tons of fun with these bags at Truffle HQ, they really do get very loud indeed. Just plug in your MP3 Player or Smartphone and you’re away!

Gold Retro Boombox Cooler With Working Speakers £24.99

Retro Ghettoblaster Travel Wallet With Working Speakers £19.99

Retro Metallic Pink Gym Bag with Working Speakers £29.99

Retro White I'm Not A Boombox Canvas Tote Bag With Working Speakers £29.99


Impress your mates with one of our awesome tees. Always guaranteed a great reaction, we have just added some particularly cool new designs to complete that hipster look.

Review your recent purchase for a chance to win a £50 gift voucher! xoxo

A new month approaching can only mean ONE thing at TruffleShuffle Review of the month time! We give one lucky customer £50 to spend on the site! It’s really simple for you guys to enter – and for us it’s one our favourite competitions to judge. We love browsing through all the entries – from how the t-shirt fits, your reaction when the postman delivered it less than 24 hours after you ordered, the comments you get from fellow fans – and the memories that come flooding back when you wear it!

All you have to do is find the product you ordered, and click ‘add a review’ – and tell us about your purchase. Some things to think about when you are typing your review:

What did you love about the product you bought?

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Last months winner reviewed our Exclusive Ladies Dance Magic Dance Sweater and bagged herself a gift voucher for the site.

”When I saw this jumper, I just has to have it! While ordering it all I could do was sing to myself, ‘Slime and snails, Puppy dogs tails, Thunder or lightening, Then baby said….’ Labyrinth is one of my all time favourite movies and I had a huge crush on David Bowie (including bulge) ;)!!! I think I’ll probably get some of the other tshirts as well, they’ll look great with skinny jeans 🙂 I love truffleshuffle stuff. You can’t get it in shops and I’m always being asked where I got my top! Thank you and Well done on another amazing addition guys!”

To check out all the other reviews click here. There is no limit to how many products you can review, and you have 5 days to get your entries in – as we judge the reviews on the 1st day of every month! Good luck TruffleShufflers! xoxo