5 80’s Films That Really Need a Sequel!

I’m a MASSIVE fan of retro movies and 80’s film tshirts. Nothing excited me more as a kid than when I found out that my favourite film was coming back with a sequel – even more exciting when I was treated time and time again – like Back to the Future and Rocky!

So when the 2’s, 3’s and 4’s started drying up and the classic 80’s sequels began to dwindle, it dawned on me that the films I dreamt of and wished for may never come. Twenty years later, and here’s the top five I’m still desperate to see made…

Goonies Movie Poster Goonies 2

Goonies had to be number one for us here at TruffleShuffle, we’d all love to see the original cast and crew make another one.

What would it be about? It’s rumoured the sequel could be about the Goonies own children having an adventure, maybe some sort of holiday reunion for the original characters and maybe them getting into trouble and their kids having to save them.

Whatever it’s about… if they make one, we’ll be there!

Tp Gun Movie Poster Top Gun 2

This one might actually happen as director Tony Scott and Tom Cruise have both shown interest in returning, and in the last year there have been reports about possible scripts being worked on.


Big Trouble In Little China Movie Poster Big Trouble In Little China 2

With 80’s action stars like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean Claude Van Damme making a comeback it’d be the perfect time for Kurt Russell to make a return to action as well.

Gremlins Movie Poster Gremlins 3

Gremlins 3 is another film that has had scripts floating around for a few years and nothing has happened. Director of the first two films Joe Dante has shown interest in making a third, but says he’s not interested in making it with cgi, which is great because animatronics and puppets are what made Gremlins and other 80’s films so great.

Batman Movie Poster Batman 3 (Tim Burton and Michael Keaton return)

The Dark Knight Rises will be hitting cinemas on July 20th and it got me thinking about the 80’s films. I would have loved to see Michael Keaton and Tim Burton do a third film together and make it a trilogy.