Our top ten slogan t-shirts

Here at Truffle Towers we’ve cracked open the summer wardrobe and for the past few weeks have been rocking our slogan t-shirts like it’s 1988! We’ve got mens slogan tees, womens slogan tees and for you bargain hunters, have a look at our sale section and you’ll find some cracking cheap slogan t-shirts.

So after some deliberation, here’s a run down of our favourite ten slogan tees…

Men's Mr Grumpy T-Shirt
In at number 10, we couldn't resist a Mr Men t-shirt. Tell the world what a miserable mister you are with this awesome Men's Mr Grumpy T-Shirt
Ladies Grumpy Bear T-Shirt
In at 9, to match Mr Grumpy above, good old Grumpy Bear makes this appearance on our Ladies Grumpy Bear T-Shirt.
Slush Puppie Just Chillin T-Shirt
One for you ice cool lads at number 8. It's our favourite iced drink Puppie enjoying his summer of Just Chillin.
Care Bears Shake Your Bear Behind T-Shirt
At number 7, probably our best selling slogan of all time on this classic Care Bears T-Shirt
Charlie Sheen T-Shirt
Number 6 only needs a one word slogan to tell us all we need to know about Charlie Sheen - he's still WINNING!
Monopoly Skint T-Shirt
At number 5, join the financial crisis with this rather topical Monopoly tee.
Who Ya Gonna Call T-Shirt
Number 4 brings us one of the greatest movie slogans of the twentieth century. If you need it, that number's 555-2368.
Made in the 80s T-Shirt
A stalwart at number 3, one of the most popular slogans at TruffleShuffle, we guess for obvious reasons!
Bazinga T-Shirt
Hugely popular at the moment, the number 2 spot goes to Sheldon Cooper's catchy catchphrase, BAZINGA!
Frankie Says Relax T-Shirt
Who expected number 1 to be anything else? The best slogan for a cult t-shirt company - RELAX, it's obviously Frankie!

Love these slogans? Think we’ve missed something? Want to see a new slogan on a t-shirt? Comment on this post and tell us what you think!