Top Ten Bad Guy T Shirts

We all love a movie bad guy – most of us love to see the demise of said bad guy before the end of the movie too! So here’s my run-down of my ten personal best movie t-shirts featuring the wrong’uns!

Transformers Decepticons T-Shirt
1. Show your evil side with the classic retro logo of the evil Decepticons from Transformers
Whos Your Daddy Star Wars T Shirt
2 Is Vader your father?
The Dark Crystal Skeksis T-Shirt
3. Probably the darkest and most evil creation from the world of Jim Henson. I used to watch The Dark Crystal from the safety of the back of the sofa.
The Lost Boys T Shirt
4. Will you join the Lost Boys with this vamptastic tee?
Karate Kid Cobra Kai T Shirt
5. Show no mercy and sweep the leg of all your enemies in this Cobra Kai Tee from the classic 80’s movie, The Karate Kid
Slimer T Shirt
6. OK, he might not be so bad after all, but he made one hell of a mess of that ballroom!
Storm Trooper T Shirt
7. When they aren’t over throwing the rebel scum you can find Stormtroopers kicking back, blasting out beats from their boomboxes.
Zombie Killing T Shirt
8. If have to take on the brain dead zombie hordes then you’re going to have to dress for the occasion and with this awesome tee you can’t go wrong.
Joker T Shirt
9. Currently my favourite bad guy, Heath Ledger’s take on the joker was nothing less than ground breaking. Still evil though 🙂
Bowie Labyrinth T Shirt
10. Are your eyes as cruel as the Goblin King? Make sure you check out this amazing Labyrinth Tee.

So that’s it, my favourite ten bad guy tees! Did I make the right choices? What would you choose to prove to the world how evil you are?