Wrap Up Warm With TruffleShuffle This Bonfire Night!

Wooosh! Fizzle! Kablaaamo!

No, it’s not an episode of Batman from the 60’s, it’s likely these are some of the noises you may be hearing tonight! Just a mere five days after getting dressed up like a weirdo, Bonfire Night is most likely everyone’s second favourite day of fun.

Building fires out of old pieces of discarded furniture, crumpling up newspaper and stuffing them in an old pair of paisley pyjamas your kind old granpappy donated to you for the Guy.

Keeping warm was the thing – your mum would wrap you up as if preparing for a hike to Antarctica, Parker, mittens with the piece of string, scarf and woolly hat, never before has anyone been so cosy.

So Let TruffleShuffle be your over-protective loving Mother this year and wrap you up nice and snug before you go off and enjoy bonfire night. From Sonic, Sesame Street and Care Bears to Muppets and Gremlins, we have a great selection of warm and cosy hats to keep you snug and don’t forget to add one of our Harry Potter scarves for some extra warmth!

I remember holding a sparkler for the first time ever, I may only have been about six years old. The sheer feeling of joy I felt holding something like that as it fizzed yellow sparkly stuff was only hampered by my confusion, I had no idea what to do with it. My mum would be saying “wave it about, write your name” as she reached for the camera!

My uncle would always put on a fireworks display. It was never a professional affair, my cousins and I would be on tender hooks much of night as we dodged and ran from rogue rockets! One time a Catherine wheel poorly nailed to a fence span off and flew around the garden like a glittery U.F.O hovering for a moment before turning into a deadly sparkly Frisbee and flying at us. Despite the danger it was the best time.

Remember – play safe and enjoy yourselves!