A whole host of fresh new tees exclusive to TruffleShuffle!

It’s been an exciting few weeks at TruffleShuffle with a load of brand new and exclusive T-Shirts!  With brands ranging from Rainbow to Transformers to Care Bears you’re bound to find something you love whether you’re searching for the perfect Christmas gift or simply wanting to treat yourself to something fancy. To help make your mind up I’m going to give a quick run through of these fab new designs that you won’t find anywhere else!

“Up above the streets and houses…”  The classic kids show Rainbow is a fond memory from many a childhood and if you can remember the adventures of Zippy, Bungle and George you’re sure to love our new range of Rainbow T-Shirts!

You’ll find it hard to ‘beat’ this fab new Boombox Bungle tee! Featuring the down-with-it bear and his 80’s ghetto-blaster, it’s a side of Bungle you have never seen before!

We’ve stumbled across the gold at the end of the Rainbow with this fabulous Zippy T-Shirt!

Stand in line for this awesome new Rainbow tee featuring George, Zippy and Bungle in unfamiliar surroundings!

We absolutely adore this sweet new official Care Bears T-Shirt! Featuring bedtime bear, all wrapped up on a cloud, alongside the slogan, Let It Snow! The perfect winter buy for Care Bear fans!  Also available on a snug Ladies Hoody.

This uber cool Care Bears tee comes in monochrome print, featuring a host of different bears along with an ’82 back print (the year that they were launched). An absolute must have for any 80’s child!  Available on mens and ladies tees.

80’s whizz kids will love these wicked new Transformers T-Shirts, exclusive to TruffleShuffle.com! Featuring the gadgety toy of choice back in the day, this tee shows the clever contraptions in their automobile form! Do you know which is which?

Pay homage to the puppie who changed the world of frozen drinks forever with this ultra kitsch Slush Puppie T-Shirts!

This wicked new Goonies T-Shirts comes with a cool skull print surrounded by famous quotes such as, Never Say Die and Mamma You’ve Been Bad. An absolute must have for any fan of the cult 80’s movie.

We love this fab Tommy Cooper T-Shirt, featuring the rather perplexed looking comedian alongside one of his catchphrases, Always Leave Them Laughing, this is a must have for any fan of the comedy genius!

This super cool, nostalgic Sesame Street T-Shirt features all your favourite characters in a wicked vintage distressed print! A fab find for kids raised on the street!

Blythe Dolls are very special indeed, as any fan will rightly know. Launched in 1972 and produced for just one year, deemed to quirky and surreal for little girls, this big eyed, kooky doll has since gained cult status, This super-cute Blythe T-Shirt comes with a magazine style, vintage distressed print, proudly showing Blythe off as the fashion icon she has become!

After her grueling fashion show schedule throughout the year, the cult doll Blythe kicks back in the snow, snapping her winter wardrobe outfits in cool, polaroid pics! This fabulous tee (and hoody) features a blonde Blythe in a winter wonderland scene with a vintage distressed finish. A delightfully special find for any fans!

All aboard the playbus! This wicked Playdays T-Shirt brings back nostalgic memories of the show which stopped at the Why Bird Stop, Playground Stop, Dot Stop, the Patch Stop or Tent Stop depending on the day of the week. Introducing childhood favourites Zoe Ball and Dave Benson Phillips, it forever lives on in our memories.

I hope you’ve found something to tickle your fancy amongst these treats, and remember to keep checking back as we are constantly updating our stock with newness! xoxo