Competition! Win Your Wishlist!

We love a good ol’ competition here at Truffle Towers and we’ve got a corker for you this week.

Our web-techie-geek-nerd-developer Dave (yes, him in the outfit) has been squirreling away all week making our wishlist function loads better than ever before. Now you can share your wishlist publically and socially, so anything you fancy from TruffleShuffle can now be easily nudged and hinted towards your nearest and dearest. You can share by email if you need to be obvious to Mum & Dad, subtly post it to your Facebook wall for a surreptitious prod in your friends’ directions, or post it publicly to Twitter in the vain hope that random members of the public love you enough to buy you presents.

We want you to start sharing your Christmas wish lists, so we thought of a cunning way of getting you what you want without paying for it… simply share to win – the wishlist with the most unique views next Friday (30th November) will be sent to it’s creator absolutely free! And if you don’t win, you’ve shared it with your nearest and dearest, so with Christmas coming up, someone might buy it for you anyway!

To win the contents of your wishlist, up to £100, simply do the following to enter this great competition…

1. Login or Create an Account at
2. Browse through our website and find your favourite t-shirts, retro gifts or accessories
3. Add items to your wishlist
4. Share your wishlist with as many people as you can using the buttons at the top
5. The wishlist with the most unique views between 23rd and 30th November will go to it’s creator FREE OF CHARGE!

-Only one wishlist per person can be entered
-Only unique wishlist visits will be counted
-Value of up to £100 only
-Prize money is non–transferable and there is no cash alternative