Reasons an 80’s Childhood rocked

Sometimes a song, a smell or a friend inquisitively asks “ do you remember those…?” and your instantly warped back in time to a memory or a place where something quite awesome may have happened.  We’ve been agonisingly drudging through our brain matter (and the internet) to find our sometimes obscure, sometimes amazing memory inducing artefacts!

You may recognize some……! If you had, wanted or hated let us know.

Your school transport was one of these!

Any other bike was instantly made cool with “Spokey Dokes”

You accessorised with these:

You owned a pair of these (or in our case, just hoping we would one day be this cool!)

School lunch included:

The playground was a dangerous fun place to be (anyone remember the pain of being smacked round the ankles with a Skip-It?!)

Home after school to watch some classic TV………

……. while tea was prepared!

Just enough play time………

……. before bedtime with a story (on cassette of course!)

Good night
Sleep tight
Don’t let the bed bugs bite……..!

These were just some of the amazing things that made growing up in the 80’s AWESOME! What do you remember?