Awesome Retro Movie Mash-Ups!

As you’re probably more than aware of by now, we LOVE retro 80’s movies!! It’s no secret, simpler times where amazing stories and…well…some special effects at least gripped our imaginations and took us to far distant lands where anything and everything was possible. It’s really not hard to see why there are soooo many retro flicks that have gained legendary status even today and why movie t-shirts are still as popular as ever!

Recently, we were lucky enough to stumble over something we just couldn’t keep to ourselves. Some cleaver people of the Internet have been busy creating some fantastic clips that have mixed some of the biggest and best films around to create short movie trailers. For example, they have used scenes from one film like Ghostbusters to depict the story of another like Top Gun…you get the picture.

Take a look at some of these short clips and see for yourself!

‘Walt Disney’s SIN CITY’ Revisited
[lyte id=”AMChh3nWz5I” /]
Toy Story Requiem
[lyte id=”D1qihwMN0JM” /]
The Avengers/Breakfast Club Trailer Mashup
[lyte id=”V5cKBuKb-hs” /]
Reservoir Turtles – Trailer Mash-Up Re-Cut
[lyte id=”4Hj5vOIrTEs” /]
The Hobbit and Goonies Movie Trailer Mashup!
[lyte id=”cboEHvr3LEU” /]

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