Grange Hill t-shirts at TruffleShuffle! xoxo

Grange Hill….we all grew up watching it, didn’t we?

First aired in 1978 – it was the perfect time for us 80’s kids. Following a group of rebel kids as they work their way through their school years – I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say it was a big part of our childhoods.

Having said that, can you IMAGINE the excitement on our little faces when our Grange Hill t-shirts landed at TruffleShuffle?

We were over the moon!

A genuine piece of TV history, this amazing, rare tee from Retreat features the original artwork by Bob Cosford, used for the iconic Grange Hill title sequence.

If it’s good enough for Zammo….it’s more than good enough for us!

Get your hands on one and show off your ultimate appreciation for one of the coolest 80’s TV Shows…EVER.

Men’s Grange Hill t-shirt

Ladies Grange Hill t-shirt