Happy National Have a Coke Day!

Have a Coke Day

Typically when you think of what Coca Cola is good for, the obvious reasons would be either to drink it or wearing it on your Coca-Cola t-shirts! But this super-smashing soft drink is good for so many other things…..

Here are 5 of my favouite unusual and surprising uses for Coca Cola. Try them out!

Pain Killer

Jellyfish Sting

The chemicals in coca cola can be very effective to help neutralize the pain of jellyfish stings. The best thing about this is that people at the beach are more likely to be carrying a bottle of Coke than carrying anti-sting lotions. Just pour the coke over the area in which you have been stung and feel the relief. Your other alternative is to pee on the stung part of your body – or to have someone else pee on it for you. I think I know what I’d prefer……



By mixing five common household ingredients you can create a magical tonic that will [and I quote] keep your lawn greener than blood from a Vulcan! This recipe can be modified for different climates, but one factor stays true, it contains Coca-Cola and apparently it’s a heck of a lot cheaper and more effective than shop-bought mixes.

Cook with it

Coca-Cola Chicken

I’m no Gordon Ramsay so to find out Coke can be used in cooking sounds excellent!! Having surfed the net for some ideas and recipes it turns out in can be used in a variety of different ways. You can mix it with BBQ sauce for an excellent marinade or you can casserole an entire chicken in it, you can even bake a cake with it. Below is a tasty sounding recipe I found for chicken pieces. Apparently, the sugars give a deep glossy coating and caramelized flavor, while the citric acid gives a nice tang. I’ll definitley be trying this out……


4 to 6 pieces chicken filets
1 bunch of spring onions
2 garlic cloves
1/2 tsp. thyme
3 tbsp. oil (olive oil)
1 oz. Coke-Cola

Season the chicken with salt, garlic and spring onions. Leave it in refrigerator overnight. Next day, put the oil in the pan and heat it until the oil is hot. Put the chicken in the pan. When it’s brownish on one side turn it to the other side. Then throw in the garlic and spring onions and sprinkle the thyme over the chicken. When it is brownish on that side then pour the Coke-Cola over the chicken and keep the flame high until the coke is evaporated.Pierce each piece of chicken with the fork. Press it and move it around the pan in order to absorb the sugar. Cover the pan and leave it covered for 5-8 minutes after you turn off the stove. Larger pieces may need 2 or 3 more minutes of cooking. To be served over pasta or rice.

If you’ve got any great recipes please let us know in the comment box below.

Hiccup Remedy


Urban Myth? Maybe… Gargle a mouthful of Coke in the back of your throat, and word on the street is that your hiccups will disappear.

Make a fountain

Most people who have used the Internet before will be aware of the old Diet-Coke-Mentos fountain. The idea is that you drop a Mentos into a bottle of Coke and the chemical reaction causes the Coke to spurt for miles (well, almost miles). The video clip above shows a great example of this fun use for Coke. Why not buy a bottle and see if you can do better?