Happy Birthday to the Italian Stallion

And in the blue Corner, the birthday boy, weighing in at 202 lbs, from the great city of New York, The Italian Stallion, Sylvester Stallooooone!

Yes if you haven’t already heard, it’s Rambo himself’s birthday! To honour one of our favourite action stars on his b-day, I decided to put together my Top Five Stallone movie moments for all you guys (and gals!) to remember and enjoy all over again!

Let’s take peep…

1 Over the Top
[lyte id=”S_UC2AyhYQk” /]

2 Cliffhanger opening scene
[lyte id=”5d6-5UdFCis” /]

3 Rambo final scene
[lyte id=”6qIgVrOy9vM” /]

4 Rocky 4 Training scene
[lyte id=”ye8jddRP-bs” /]

5 Rocky final scene
[lyte id=”HSK-Iv3gh9I” /]

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I hope you’ve enjoyed my top five, What are your favourite Stallone moments? We’d love you to share your best moments.

Until next time, Happy Birthday Mr Stallone from all of us at here at the home of retro clothing, TruffleShuffle.com 🙂