15 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About…TruffleShuffle.com!

Hold on to your hats Truffle fans! As you know we love a good “10 Things You Didn’t Know About…” style blog post, mainly so we can do some extra research into some of our favourite things, movies and shows. WELL! We’ve decided to turn things on us for a change, giving you lucky lot the chance to learn a few facts about our little selves that might surprise, scare, amaze or simply entertain.

Dive on into the weird and wonderful world of TruffleShuffle……

1) Why are we called TruffleShuffle?? Some people ask us this so we thought we could fill everyone in. Well! One of the founding T-Shirts that helped to inspire TruffleShuffle’s creation was a classic Goonies TShirt (as seen further below), the money received from the first ever t-shirt sold was then used to buy the domain name www.TruffleShuffle.co.uk, inspired by top Goonie Chunk’s legendary moves…

2) For the first year of its life, TruffleShuffle operated from a one bed flat in Bristol! …And we still use those very same shelves today stocking your tees before they get sent out…only slightly more of them now.

3) Competitions! Running weekly competition on our Facebook page as well as holding monthly biggy ones here on the TruffleShuffle blog, we’ve ever-so roughly given away £13,000 in prize money! That’s around 24p per fan we have to date! See…it really does pay to be a fan!

4) The busiest day ever on the site was December 5th 2011 where we had a staggering….wait for it…. 202,214 page views! Wowzers! We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to beat it.

5) SPOILER ALERT! The faces (almost) behind the warehouse Superheroes! – Look our for your superhero on your next order 🙂




Iron Man

The Hulk


6) 57% of TruffleShuffle male work force are somehow single! Laaaadies??! We’ll just leave this link to our Contact Us page here then 🙂

7) Mr & Mrs Truffle have two cats called Bert & Ernie. They are best buds too.

8 ) Jeff Cohen (our hero Chunk from the Goonies) once told our Simon just how amazing his pumpkin was…

9) Our most popular product of all time is the Pac Man Belt – a cool 9,995 sold since 10th March 2006

Pac-Man Canvas Belt

10) We’re a family business. No greedy shareholders, investors or fat cats bossing us around. The simply amazing Pat and Claire Wood (and little 1 year old Freddie!) have worked tirelessly to help us become what we are today with our 12 strong team and best customers ever!

11) We run a lunchtime ‘Chinese’ bingo to decide what to order from our local establishment once a week.
The Rules: You get three goes, you have to pick one, then pick either that number, or +1 or -1 as your order number for lunch. The number you pick also gets stamped on the Bingo cards and whoever fills their card gets a free lunch (which might take some time). Easy Chinesey!

12) T-Shirts that inspired the creation of TruffleShuffle! The first t-shirt was a Dukes of Hazzard General Lee, the second was a Goonies Silhouette, proudly displayed on my office wall today.

13) We’re a varied aged bunch! Staff ages fall between 24 and 51. The newest person has been here for over two years now so we like to stick around too!

14) We once owned an A-Team Van which actual Faceman had a ride in one time. We miss it! 🙁

15) The company was originally called 80sClothes.co.uk, but TruffleShuffle came about very soon after!

Sooo much more we could tell you but we’ll spare you for now. Is there anything you’d like to know that we haven’t covered? Let us know with a comment and we might just answer them all in a follow up post to fill you in. Go wild!