We’re LE-GOing Crazy Over This Amazing The Goonies Concept!

Have you ever seen such a glorious thing? No we love a good LEGO session, whether it’s building our dream modern style muticoloured house, making a towers as much as possible before running out of bricks or the cat knocks it over (more likely that one). No growing up with this toy, one things we admittedly never thought of was combining this amazing and amazingly simple toy with our all-time favourite retro 80s flicks…The Goonies.

Thankfully someone just did! Yep a fan has submitted this concept design to the people of LEGO to ponder over. The idea is to perhaps celebrate the 30th anniversary of this classic films in 2015…we know…how old do you feel now! EEEEP! Take the tour….

The project, by a user named Lyonsblood, features sets called Fratelli Fracas and Skeleton Scare based on moments from the film.
“In 2015, the Goonies will be 30 years old, so what better time than now to start a Cuusoo campaign to reignite LEGO’s interest in this franchise in time for the celebration” said Lyonsblood.  “With the success of the Back to the Future set, and Ghostbusters equally riding high in the Cuusoo charts, there’s definately enough interest in retro movies from the eighties.”

With little LEGO figures of the characters we all know and love, we’re so excited to see this become a reality and would be one of the first to put our name down for a set. We can’t help but feel this is 28 years too late though :/ Having this as a kid would have been the must-have set to get. Well….we can still pretend anways.

Check out the set’s LEGO page HERE and give them your support so this can become a reality!

What do you think? Any other classic 80s flicks you’d like to see get the LEGO treatment too? Shout them out below.