Cool band t-shirts…sweet music to our ears!

When our favourite brands brings out a new collection it really is, sweet music to our ears! This time is no different, with Amplified Vintage recently dropping a new delivery of music t-shirts featuring some of our favourite artists.

Founded in 2004, Amplified has fast become the definitive go to label for authentic vintage Rock T-Shirts and clothing. Fuelled by great music, the brand is created in collaboration with some of the world’s greatest and most iconic artists and so stars the likes of The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, The Clash and David Bowie to name but a few!

We like to think of ourselves as your retail iPod…giving you a massive collection of all your favourite artists and tunes in the form of cool band t-shirts!

If you like to think of yourself as the next Mick Jagger, then check out our Men’s Amplified Vintage t-shirts.

We also have an amazing selection of Ladies Amplified Vintage t-shirts for all lovely ladies of the rock world!

Check out our full selection of awesome music t-shirts and our even ‘awesomerererer’ selection of music gifts by heading over to the site! Enjoy!