Our Top Sesame Street Spoofs!

Just like many kids of the 80s, we really were raised on the street, Sesame Street of course! We loved nothing more than to sit back and let Big Bird, The Count (ah-ah-ahhhhhh), Grover, Elmo, Cookie Monster and of course Bert and Ernie and all of their human friends whisk us off to the hottest street on TV for some fun. We laughed, we learnt and above all else we loved! This show taught us so much that has stuck with us to this very day we just had to get to work creating even more Sesame Street inspired masterpieces for you guys to enjoy.

To show our appreciation for this simply amazing show and all the cool characters, we’ve been hard at work creating some amazing new Bert and Ernie T-Shirts featuring a photo print of show stalwarts and BFF’s! Take a peep!

Bert and Ernie T-Shirt Bert and Ernie Rolled Sleeve Boyfriend T-Shirt

To celebrate our amazing new tees and these characters we’ve all grown to love, we thought we would share with you lovely lot some of our favourite Sesame Street spoof clips which feature some amazing takes on the hottest TV shows around! Enjoy….


Sons of Poerty

The Hungry Games: Catching Fur

Lord of the Crumbs

Upside Downton Abbey

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