Rock A Timeless Classic With Our Latest Casio Watches!

Exciting times retro fans! If you’re a true 80s and, well, even 90s kid, one thing’s for sure… you rocked a Casio watch!

The pinnacle of retro style and fashion, the classic Casio watch has come in many different shapes and sizes, whether it’s the iconic Baby-G, calculator watches, silver or maybe gold, they have really stood the test of time and have been as much loved now as they ever were…hell even Marty McFly can be seen rocking one!

We’ve loved having our very own collection to bring you guys over the past couple of years and we’re excited to say our Casio family is now even bigger and better with some amazing new watches hitting the store! Take a look at some of our latest additions with a little something for everyone….

Red Water Resist Illuminator Watch W-214HC-4AVEF

White Water Resist Illuminator Watch W-214HC-7AVEF

Black Water Resist Illuminator Watch W-214HC-1AVEF
Such a classic! These super cool chunky Casios are about as cool as they come and not only that, will be everything you need in a watch with alarm, handy backlight, chronograph, date function and even water resistant up to 50 metres. Plenty for a quick swim or even in the washing up 🙂

Silver World Time Classic Watch AE-1200WHD-1AVEF

Silver And Black Retro Dual Time Watch AQ-230A-7DMQYES

Now time for something a little smarter for all of you who like to dress to impress. These seriously cool classic silver Casio’s are the perfect accessory for any get up, whether it’s in the office, down the pub of even out exploring the world in style.
– The Casio Silver And Black Retro Dual Time Watch displays both digital and analogue dials for both style and precision. Great for a wicked vintage look!

– This Casio Silver World Time Classic Watch offers a real premium look and feel with time zone options, world times display, LED light up display and chunkier look. Such a beauty!

Wanting more? Check out our entire range of Retro Casio Watches over on the site and pick up the perfect look and function for you.

Did you ever rock a Casio back in the day?


Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate With Our Top Retro Mums…

Happy Mother’s Day!

Yes folks it’s that special time of year where kids everywhere and of all ages come together to help make their superhero mums feel that little big extra special.

Day outs, heartfelt treats, breakfasts in bed and of course chocs and wine (weekend essentials) are all on the agenda today as we all try and make today go with a bang and say thanks to all the wonderful things that our unsung hero mums soo all year round.

To help celebrate today, we thought we would put together a little compilation list of some of out all-time favourite mums from some top films and cartoons we all know and love. Sit back and enjoy….
Marge Simpson – The Simpsons
We love Marge! She puts up with a hell of a lot in the weird and wonderful Simpson house and occasionally get to have an adventure of her own or two. Always there to pick up the pieces and offer some words of wisdom, what a woman!
Mrs. Gump – Forest Gump
Can you think of any other mother worshipped so much by their son in any other movie? Neither can we!
Mrs. Gump is one of the most beloved movie mums out there and for good reason. Mrs. Gump is kind and loving yet has a strong personality with a clear set of morals. Full of fine wisdom for Forrest, though sometimes mixed in with the odd bit of fantasy just to make things a little easier for her son to understand. Mrs. Gump would always stand up and defend he son no matter what. Such a hero!
Sarah Connor – The Terminator
Parent of John Connor, saviour of the future and the ultimate bad-ass matriarch, in James Cameron’s pile-driving pair of action thrillers. Ms Connor risks all to protect her son, and therefore save mankind.  Unreasonable to ask more of any mother, surely, besides which no doting screen mum has ever looked so serenely at home with a high-powered assault rifle.
Peg Boggs –  Edward Scissorhands
It takes a special kind of person to open up their home and heart to a stranger, especially if that stranger was built by a mad scientist and needed a change from the gothic castle they’ve  always hidden in. Peg is a kind, loving, understanding sort whose only flaw is that she loves candy-coloured suburbia a shade too much.
Miss Honey (Jennifer) – Matilda
Caring, understanding, kind, fun and a great secret keeper, Miss Honey is the perfect mum of super sweet Matilda. Not only does she stand up for her, she goes all out and adopts her as her own so they can live together. What a dream!
Beatrix Kiddo (Black Mamba, also known as The Bride) – Kill Bill
Okay maybe not the most loving of characters at times ever to hit the silver screen, but boy does shes she know how to get revenge and puts up one hell of a fight to get her daughter back. That’s one tough cookie!
Diane Freeling – Poltergeist
Diane Freeling
Probably one of the best mixes of everything, caring, loving, strong and above all else brave! Not only does Diane enter another dimension in order to save her young daughter Carol Anne, she also survives a swimming pool filled with corpses and but goes on to pull Robbie and Carol Anne from her exploding house. All in a day’s work!
That’s all folks! Hopefully we’ve jogged some movie memories and have sparked some extra love for these classic characters.So who would be in your top movies mums list? Let us know by leaving a comment below….


Exclusive Thunderbirds Brains Geek T-Shirts Now In!

We’re so excited to have these!
As huuuge Thunderbirds fans growing up and even now, we just had to get to work creating even more bang up to date cool retro designs that pay homage to the true king of the geeks and this cult show.
These days it’s cool to be a geek. The thicker the rims on your specs, the more hipster and cool you become. The epitome of this look and hero of geek chic for a generations of swotters, Brains, says it loud and proud. Take a peep….

Thunderbirds T-Shirt
Ladies Brains Geek Thunderbirds Slogan Boyfriend T-Shirt

Thunderbirds Slogan T-Shirt
Men's Brains Geek Thunderbirds Slogan T-Shirt
Available for just £19.99, these will make a perfect addition for any keen geek out there or even just huge fans of the hit show!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our amazing Thunderbirds t-shirts range for the perfect design for you.

F.A.B Virgil!


The Weekly Retro Movie Rundown 92

Double Pepperoni! It can only be the Weekend!

So as we stand ever so magnificently in the centre of a 20 X 20 Wrestling ring shimmering in our sequined spandex tights. Let us be your greased up, mullet headed, 80’s pro wrestler. As we prepare to lay the smack down on retro movie mayhem. We’ll stomp mud holes and walk them dry all over cinematic greatness before hitting our glorious finishing move we like to call celluloid wonder, for the three count and the victory. Oooooh yeah!

Have a happy retro weekend!


Shrek (2001) BBC1 London 5:15 pm-6:40 pm (1 hour 25 minutes)
Anti-social ogre Shrek resolves to stop an evil ruler from banishing fairy-tale characters to his swampland home. However, the reluctant hero ends up forced to rescue the beautiful Princess Fiona from a castle guarded by a dragon, aided only by a wisecracking donkey. Animated adventure, with the voices of Mike Myers, John Lithgow, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Vincent Cassel

Legend (1985) Film4 7:10 pm-9:00 pm (1 hour 50 minutes)
A peasant boy, who has a special bond with animals and fairies, shows his sweetheart the last surviving unicorns. Unfortunately, a monstrous demon and his goblin henchmen despise the mythical creatures and trick the girl into harming one of them, forcing Jack to act quickly to save her immortal soul. Ridley Scott’s fantasy adventure, starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, Tim Curry and David Bennent.

The Blues Brothers (1980) ITV4 9:00 pm-11:35 pm (2 hours 35 minutes)
Two criminal brothers discover the orphanage where they were raised faces closure unless the nuns who run it can pay their tax bill, so the pair embark on an urgent mission to revive their old blues band to raise the money needed. Comedy, starring John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Ray Charles, Cab Calloway, Carrie Fisher, John Candy and John Lee Hooker.

Old School (2003) BBC3 9:20 pm-10:50 pm (1 hour 30 minutes)
An embittered lawyer decides to relive the wild, crazy days of his youth after his girlfriend is unfaithful, and enlists the help of two equally disillusioned friends in setting up a fraternity house next to his former college campus. Comedy, starring Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Juliette Lewis.


Big (1988) Film4 1:00 pm-3:00 pm (2 hours)
A boy ridiculed for his size makes a wish on a fairground machine to become bigger – only to wake up as a 30-year-old man. Driven from his home by his terrified mother, the bewildered youngster trapped in a grown-up body makes his way to New York, where he rises high in the ranks of a toy manufacturing company and applies his youthful enthusiasm to the complexities of adult life. Comedy, starring Tom Hanks,
Elizabeth Perkins and Robert Loggia.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) Channel 5 12:35 pm-2:40 pm (2 hours 5 minutes)
Cute furball Gizmo is reunited with his human friends Billy and Kate, who now work in the New York offices of an eccentric tycoon. However, it is not long before Gizmo has spawned a new generation of murderous carnivores, who quickly overrun the building – and a genetics lab where they produce even more startling mutations. Joe Dante’s comedy sequel, starring Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, John Glover and Christopher Lee.

Men's Black Gremlins Bad Gremlin T-Shirt
Men's Black Gremlins Bad Gremlin T-Shirt

Men's Black Caution Gremlins T-Shirt
Men's Black Caution Gremlins T-Shirt

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1992) Channel 5 2:40 pm-4:20 pm (1 hour 40 minutes)
A tough Los Angeles cop receives a visit from his overprotective mother. Not content with tidying his home and meddling in his love life, she joins him on duty to rid the streets of crime after witnessing a murder. Comedy, starring Sylvester Stallone, Estelle Getty, JoBeth Williams, Roger Rees and Martin Ferrero.

Point Break (1991) Channel 5 11:55 pm-2:20 am (2 hours 25 minutes)
An FBI agent infiltrates a Californian surfing gang suspected of carrying out a series of armed robberies wearing masks modelled on former US presidents. However, his loyalties are tested to the limits when he is befriended by the gang’s leader. Kathryn Bigelow’s thriller, starring Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, Gary Busey and Lori Petty.

Whamalama Ding dong! Bonus Movie Clip time!
This week a little soul for your soul….

Whatever you get up to this weekend remember if you pull faces and the wind changes you’ll stay like that forever and always try to enjoy yourselves.


Top Selling Gifts for Her This Mothers Day!

Well folks! The big day isn’t far off but panic not! There is still time to pick up some extra special gifts for her to make this Mother’s Day go with a bang.

Worried about delivery? Let us soothe your weary brow as not only can we offer next day UK delivery (if you orders before 4pm) and also totally FREE if you order more than £40, you can also opt to Saturday or even nominated day delivery too! Full details HERE. Niiiice and simple huh.

To give you some last minute inspiration, check out some of our top selling mothers day gifts just for her this year….
Boxed Roald Dahl Matilda Mug Gold Plated Pinocchio When You Wish Upon A Star BangleDisney Couture Wonder Woman T-Shirt
Boxed Retro Wonder Woman Cup And Saucer Vintage Style Vinyl Book Ends Take That Mug
Ladies Little Miss Chatterbox T-Shirt Drink Me Wonderland Tattoo Stud EarringsPunky Pins Rose Gold Retro Casio Illuminator Watch B640WC-5AEF from Casio
Whatever you get up to this year, we all hope you have and amazing day and Mums….take it easy and let us pamper you until you burst! 🙂 Have fun!