Utterly Bodacious Exclusive New Clueless Clothing!

We’ve done it again peeps! As huuuuge lovers of one of the biggest and best chick flicks, we just can’t help ourselves and have been hard at work once again creating even more exclusive Clueless clothing designs!
The perfect way to show your appreciation for our heroes Cher, Tai, Dionne and the Clueless gang, our amazing new T-Shirts are a real must this Summer for anyone who grew up with the ultimate chick flick. Take a peep….

Clueless T-Shirt
Ladies Clueless Ugh As If! Slub Scoop Neck T-Shirt

Clueless Sweater
Ladies Clueless Ugh As If! Sweater
These stunning new off white t shirt and grey jumper feature the Clueless girls, Cher, Dionne and Tai, looking totally rad in their fabulous nineties get up! Complete with the classic Cher line, ‘Ugh, As If’ across the front they’re a real nostalgic find with a bang up to date style.

Clueless Vest
Ladies Clueless Movie Cast Racerback Vest

Ladies Clueless Movie Cast Oversized Cropped T-Shirt
Ladies Clueless Movie Cast Oversized Cropped T-Shirt
Awww, these ones take us back!  If you wanted to be like Cher and have girly pals just like Tia and Dionne, these cute Clueless vest and cropped tee will make your perfect it-girl fix! The stylish cut along with official, black and white photographic image from 90’s cult movie is a great find for any fan.

Clueless Racerback Tank Top Vest
Ladies Clueless Jealous Racerback Tank Top Vest

Clueless T-Shirt
Ladies Clueless Jealous Scoop Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt
We both know what it’s like for people to be jealous of us…
Like, Duh… only those Clueless girls could come up with a quite like this! Cher and Dionne totally get each-other as the IT girls of Beverley Hills, unlike those other full-on Monet girls…
Available exclusively at TruffleShuffle.com, pick up your very own design today from as little as £19.99 and start rocking the 90s style with Cher and the gang.