10 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About…Captain America

Calling all you superhero fans out there! We’ve got some tasty treats of knowledge about to come you way right here 🙂

With such a buzz surrounding one of the most iconic and oldest Marvel Superhero characters ever, Captain America has been launched to new heights with big blockbusting films hitting the silver screen just a few weeks back.
To celebrate this new fame and perhaps the introduction of Steve Rogers to a whole new audience, we though we would take a few moments to dig into the world of the Winter Soldier and pick out some cool facts we discovered that you just might not know.

Check out our 10 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About Captain America! Enjoy….
1) Hi first appearance came in the first ever Captain America Comic way back in back in March, 1941. Probably a huge reason for his instant success was the cover which showed him giving Hitler what for, bound to be eye catching huh at the time huh!
2) Captain America was actually the first ever Marvel character to hit the big screen! Yep we’ve been seeing the him do hit thing for real since 1944! There was also an doomed Captain America movie released in 1990, this attempt was so bad it put Hollywood off Marvel superhero movies for nearly 10 years! Oucheeeee
3) As you might have spotted in fast #1, Captain America’s iconic round shield actually started life as a fairly traditional triangular or diamond shaped one with the famous stars and stripes on. Spot it? You might be able to spot a reference to this in the latest flick.
4) Captain America is as about as American as can be yeh? Hmm well actually Steve Rogers is originally of Irish descent. Both of his parents were Irish immigrants who fled to New York to start a new life.
5) Thanks to his unwavering moral code, Captain America is one of the few humans worthy enough to wield Thor’s magical hammer Mjolnir and has occasionally had to use it in battle before.
6) Did you think Captain America’s costume was based on the stars and stripes? Actually within the comic world it was the other way round! In one very old storyline, a sorcerer sends the super-soldier back in time to the Revolutionary War where he meets Ben Franklin, who is so taken with the outfit he sketches it and uses it as the design for the US flag.
7) A rare crossover with DC Comics saw Captain America and sidekick Bucky fight side-by-side with Batman and Robin against both their nemeses The Red Skull and The Joker. That is, until The Joker realises that his companion is a Nazi and double-crosses him, saying: “I may be a criminal lunatic but I’m an American criminal lunatic!”
8 ) He might be called the First Avenger in the movie series, but Captain America was never actually a founding member of the superhero supergroup! The original line-up consisted of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and Wasp. He was later brought into the team to help keep the wild Hulk under control and then eventually replaced him as a member. Awkward! It’s all fine now though 🙂
9) That original first edition we mentioned earlier ‘Captain America Comics #1’ is actually one of the world’s most valuable comics, with a near-mint condition copy valued at around $115,000 (£68,485 today). Back in the day they only cost 10 cents!
10) The Captain’s famous shield is made of vibranium, a near indestructible metal and experiments to recreate this substance led to the creation of adamantium. This metal substance was later used to create Wolverine’s exoskeleton and claws.
So there you have em folks! Hopefully you’ve learned a little more about this great American icon. Everything we learn about these iconic superheroes just makes us fall a little bit more in love with them. Such a weird and wonderful world where anything is possible, and usually happens!

Have we missed anything out or is there something cool you would like to share? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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