Cool New Tees for All The Mini-Superheroes Out There!

Remember the days of trying your mum’s tea towels around your neck and running about watching it swoosh and swirl? Surely every kid wanted to have an extra special power, be it super strength, flight or X-Ray vision…hell ours changed on and hourly basis!

So much love for Superheroes and now there are plenty more ways to get your very own little Superheroes looking and more importantly feeling the part just like we did back in the day!

Always wanting to keep our little monsters a part of the retro clothing action, we’ve been busy getting our hands on some amazing new Kids Superhero T-Shirts that they’ll just love and covering ages from 3 to 10.

Up first is possibly one of the coolest Superheroes ever, Batman! A true people’s hero, it’s hard not to love Gotham City’s Bruce Wayne with his amazing skills, power and of course costumes! Let your little ones show their love with our fab new Batman T-Shirts from only £9.99.

Kids Batman T-Shirt Batman Logo T-Shirt
One for the little Spidey fans! Showing his love for the greatest sport ever…Football of course! This first Spider-Man T-Shirt is the perfect thing for anyone looking to cheer on England in the Brazil Wold Cup…in retro superhero style too.
This second t-shirt features sewn badges with frayed edges in a collection of Spidey from comic stills as well as spiders and webs. Completed with a ribbed collar, what a perfect design for all the little fans of the Web-Slinger!
Spiderman Football T-Shirt Spiderman T-Shirt
The perfect buys for all the SUPER kids! These classic DC Comics Superman and Supergirl Logo tees are a great find for wannabe superheroes out there! Classic and instantly recognisable. Love em!
Supergirl T-Shirt Superman Logo T-Shirt
Remember what we said about the classic tea towel trick? Well why not keep them one step ahead with our amazing new Superhero T-Shirts with detachable capes! Carrying out your daily heroic tasks definitely requires a cape and these tees are the perfect solution. Complete with the classic Superman or Batman logos, they’re real must haves!
Superman Logo T-Shirt With Cape Batman Logo T-Shirt With Cape
So there you have them folks! Who will your little ones be today? Which powers will they have and what will they get up to, why not get them one of these and they their imaginations do the rest. Limitless possibilities!