Go Go Power Rangers….Film!

Big news retro fans! Movie powerhouse Lionsgate and LA based private investment firm Saban Brands who launched “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” TV series more than 20 years ago will be partnering up as they do battle, donning the spandex and creating an all new live-action Power Rangers movie!

Pretty much a dream for any 90s kid!

Like so many retro icons in recent years such as Transformers, TMNT and Spider-man, they’re looking to re-launch and revitalize the brand and characters into the modern age in spectacular big screen feature film fashion!
The dynamic teenage crime-fighting team was first launched in way back in 1993 (21 years ago! eeeep) as a live action TV series and has since kept a strong global fan base.

Back when we were in our prime, the TV series was seen as too violent for children by many parents, but that didn’t stop us and kids everywhere tuning in after school to see what the next big battle would be! Kids everywhere would fight over which Power Ranger they got to be at break time and what their special moves and skill where, thinking up even bigger and meaner baddies to take down in spectacular style to save the day once again.

Lionsgate have got plenty of experience taking on such projects as just in recent years alone they have taken the reigns on top flicks like The Hunger Games’, ‘Twilight’ and ‘Divergent’. Pretty impressive stuff!

Although the Power Rangers have seen numerous re-creations and facelifts over the years, this may just be THE one to rejuvenate the franchise and bring it up to date to compete with the likes of some big Hollywood block busters!

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Can you hear that awesome theme song playing in your head yet? If not, maybe this will help 🙂
So will you be racing to theatres once the new movie is released?