Our New Star Wars Accessories Are Out Of This World!

Well Wookie here! Just when you think we couldn’t possible get our hands on even more amazing Star Wars Merchandise….we’ve only gone and upped our game with some seriously cool new items featuring some of the most iconic Sci-fi characters ever!
With the Star Wars empire being given a new lease of life with their big Disney films in the making, there has never been a better time to show your love for the classics, as well as showing some support for the upcoming instalments.

Why not deck out your home with some of our amazing new Star Wars homewares including everything from mugs, timers, money banks and more. Take a peep at some of our latest gadgets and gizmos….

Star Wars R2-D2 Egg Cup With Lid Star Wars Droid Salt And Pepper Shakers
Star Wars R2-D2 Kitchen Timer Star Wars Death Star Worktop Saver
Star Wars Money Bank Star Wars Pizza Cutter
Star Wars R2-D2 Ceramic Money Bank Star Wars Jedi Poncho R2-D2 Pizza Cutter
Nothing beats a cuppa in the morning right? Except maybe that breakfast brew in one of our latest Star Wars mugs! Mix and match your characters with this funky set of 3 mugs featuring you favourite Sci-Fi characters, or perhaps use the force to stir you cup of hot brown with this gadget-astic new electric self stirring-mug!
Star Wars Mug
Star Wars Set Of Four Stacking Mugs Star Wars Self Stirring Feel The Force Mug
Star Wars Mug
Star Wars I Am Your Father Darth Vader Mug Star Wars Set Of Four Espresso Cups
Fancy yourself as the dark lord or the BBQ? Or more of a salad eVader? Take a peep at our seriously cool new Lightsaber tongs, complete with noises and case!
Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs
With a little something for everyone, there has never been more way to show your love for this 80s icon. Check out our full range of Star Wars T-Shirts and accessories today to find the perfect thing for you.