New In From Pinky And The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain…

Are you pondering what I’m pondering? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some amazing new Pinky And The Brain designs?? Well…Narf said!

That’s right you cartoon loving people of the world, they’re back and more ready than ever to take over the world! …which isn’t as scary as it sounds.
Ever since the days of sitting in on the floor in front of the TV so close you can hear and feel the static watching the classic Animaniacs toons, Pinky And The Brain have been one of our all-time favourite and memorable cartoons.

With their small world but big plans, we loved their ambitious attitude and their love-hate bromance.

Determined to reach their full potential, Pinky and the Brain follows two captured mice who live in Acme’s research Labs where they have been genetically…ermm…. ‘altered’ to be super intelligent and be able to speak to humans. Normal so far yeh?
The stories follow The Brain’s nightly plans to take over the world, usually ending with things being ruined by lovable simpleton Pinky his not so trusty and clumsy cage buddy.
Taking some inspiration from the huuugely loved series Breaking Bad, our latest designs come with an amazing mix of the pizza throwing, meth fueled series and of course the lovable little while critters….a great modern twist of an old skool classic or what! Take a peep at our latest Pinky And The Brain T-Shirts….
Ladies Pinky And The Brain Breaking Bad T-Shirt
Mens Pinky And The Brain Breaking Bad T-Shirt
A great find for any fan of the show and available from only £19.99! Pick up you very own part of cartoon history with this amazing mash-up style tshirt today.
So what are your memories of this hit toon?