Amazing New The Hunger Games Jewellery Now In!

If like us you’ve been in love with the amazing Hunger Games series, you’re sure to be searching the net for as many cool and exciting way to bring a little more of this amazing story into your lives now you’ve finished the books and are eagerly waiting the next flick.

Well! Luckily for you our fab new range of Hunger Games jewellery will be the perfect thing to start showing your love in preparation for the next film!

Inspired by the iconic Mockingjay, our amazing new collection features everything you’ll need to complete your look with earrings, necklaces, and bangles all finished off in a dark vintage metallic style and featuring some of the inspirational quotes and symbols we all know and love.

The Mockingjay is a poignant symbol throughout the cult hit Hunger Games series, both print and motion picture. The Mockingjay pin given to her was Katniss Everdeen’s tribute token and quickly became a sign of hope and rebellion to the repressive Capitol.

With four official pieces to pick from, the odds will forever be in your favour when it comes to finding something just perfect for you. Take a peep below and pick up something special for you or someone close from just £6.99.