Exclusive New Charlie And The Chocolate Factory T-Shirts!

Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do, we have exclusive T-Shirts for you!

As some of you might be aware, we’re huuuuuge Roald Dahl fans and not only that, this year sees the 50 year anniversary of one of the biggest child’s book ever written, of course… Charlie And The Chocolate Factory!

Still as loved now as it has ever been, this classic tale has been made into two full feature movies and has captured generations of minds and young readers all around the world.

For those not in the know, (go read it now!) this iconic tale follows the story and adventures of young Charlie Bucket who finds a golden ticket for an exclusive inside tour of the mysterious chocolate factory which is owned and run by eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka.

We are absolutely honoured to have this exclusive Roald Dahl range available at TruffleShuffle! Combining the best author of our time, with the worlds best children’s illustrator – the results speak for themselves.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory T-Shirts

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What do you think folks? What are your memories of this classic book?