Hey You Guys! Exclusive New Goonies T-Shirts Now In…

If like us you were born in one of the best decades ever (not that we’re biased of course), you fell instantly in love with Mikey, Chunk, Mouth and Data when they hit the scene and took us on one of the best adventures ever way back in 1985.

Since the very first car chase scene and introductions to these iconic characters, we were hooked. We all had our favourites and all wanted to go for a quick explore in the loft to see what treasure we could find to start our very own adventures. Who knows what’s up there other then a box of Christmas decorations and and old hoover right?!

As many of you may have spotted, we love the Goonies! So much we even named ourselves after it over ten years ago and this cheeky title is a constant reminder of our roots and what inspired some of bestselling and all-time favourite t shirt designs to date!

Sticking close to our hearts and of course helping to spread the love for one of the greatest films of the 80s, we’ve been busy working away on some amazing new and exclusive Goonies T-Shirts and vests! Take a peep at some of our latest handy work….

Okay, so Chunk has the ‘TruffleShuffle’ under his belt, (or above his belt, should we say) but surely Sloth has the most memorable quote of the movie! It’s only fair we pay homage in style. Flash back to the 80’s and prepare for appreciation nods with these amazing t-shirts!

Oh also while we were at it, we popped this on one of our amazing vests too! 🙂

Not only that! Possibly one of our most hotly anticipated tees has finally arrived and what a tee it is! Starring the legendary Goonies superstar Chunk in the midst of the dance that made him (and us!) famous, this little gem is an essential buy for all you TruffleShufflers out there!
So there you have them folks! Hopefully we’ve helped to capture some of the magic that made The Goonies such a classic and have perhaps also inspired you to pop onto Netflix, go buy a DVD copy or perhaps even dig out your old VHS for some extra retro coolness.

So what do you think of our latest designs? Are there any designs you’d love to see? Let us know by leaving a comment below.