Exclusive New Mr Bean T-Shirts Now In!

That’s right folks! Here at TruffleShuffle we’re celebrating one of the biggest comedy legends of all time, a man who with few words has kept people all over the world laughing for decades and who can make us smile with nothing more than a look. We are of course talking about Mr Bean!

Even his name sends the corners of our mouths north and memories of watching the classic episodes on TV flooding back to us. So many classic moments!

Because we love this real comedy hero so much, we just couldn’t resist getting to work doing what we do best and creating some amazing Mr Bean T-Shirts which of course, have our very own twist that makes these totally exclusive to us.

These first designs are a real twist on some of the classic political posters which we’ve come to know and love. One thing’s for sure….he gets out vote!

Not only that!

Sometimes, you just don’t need words! This awesome new unisex Mr Bean costume T-Shirt speaks for itself! If you’re a big fan of our favourite Mr Awkward, then this cool t-shirt is an absolute must have!

What do you think folks?