Exclusive Vintage Kelloggs T-Shirts Now In!

They’re here folks!

Grab a bowl, grab a spoon and take a big healthy portion of our exclusive new Kellogg’s T-Shirts inspired by some of the most iconic cereals ever made!

We’ve teamed up with he amazing people at Kellogg’s to create some fab new designs that ooze the vintage style and flavour of the morning meals we all grew up with.

However you like yours, swimming in milky goodness, crunchy or perhaps with a healthy – ahem – sprinkle of sugar on (that’s us), we’re sure our exciting new range will hit the spot with any fan. Take a peep!

Talk about a cereal-sly nice t-shirt! They just don’t make em’ like they used to, huh? If you’re looking to flaunt some old skool appreciation for the breakfast of champions then look no further than our exclusive new Frosties T-Shirts!

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes really are the original when it comes to breakfast cereal – first patented in 1895, it’s definitely more retro than we give it credit for! If you’re a fan of this awesome cereal, then pay homage with this vintage ad style Corn Flakes T-Shirts.
We are going ‘Snap, Crackle and Pop’ for this cereal-sly cool Rice Krispies t-shirt! If you’re a fan of this awesome morning treat, then this tee is the perfect way to flaunt some appreciation, Kellogg’s style!
So what do you think folks? Which cereal camp are you in?

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