Our Top 20 Ways You Know You’re a 90s Baby…

One for all you slightly younger whipper-snappers coming up! Yep as you all know, all of us TruffleShufflers are 80s babies, born and bred. We’ve lived through some of possible the best times ever when life was simple, fun, safe and well….awesome! But how can we forget our younger and more agile readers who came from a time that gave us, discmans, POGS, The Fresh Prince, The Spice Girls, and so much more!

Now despite our slightly shorter sell by dates, many of us 80s babies grew up with and loved (almost) everything that the 90s brought us and had to offer, so why not celebrate it too!

To do just this, we thought we would put together some of our favourite things from these great times and give you guys a checklist of sorts that we’re sure all of us 80s kids can appreciate too. Check out our Top 20 Ways You Know You’re a 90s Baby….enjoy!
Goosebumps! We had our fair share and these were certainly THE scary books to have.
Social status in the playground was determined by who had the most and of course the best slammers. Who could do battle with the best of them and come away on top. It was intense.
Investing in the future was important…therefore collecting as many Beanie Babies as you could get your eager hands on was a pretty safe bet. Making sure all tags are left on of course.
School discos were all about the routines, whether you were cracking out the Macarena, Tragedy by Steps or the Cha Cha Slide, you knew all the moves and probably still do!
You knew the joy, hard work and ultimately the heartache of owning a Tamagotchi.
Getting up early on a Saturday was totally worth it for some of the simply amazing cartoons that hit the small screen!
Walking the movie rental isles searching for the perfect film to pick up on VHS and hoping the previews person has bothered to rewind it. Grrrr!
Trying to enjoy a Push Pop only to get your finger all wet and sticky. Gross! Also you were always slightly scared of it popping off and flying into your throat. Must have happened to someone, somewhere right?
Having to load up Encarta from a CD-ROM if you wanted to look something up….that was probably out of date….ten years ago.
Thinking that light-up shoes were the best things ever and would probably not annoy anyone. You didn’t care, you loved them and still wish you could have them. We sure do!
You knew the joy of building something awesome with K’Nex and could build anything you wanted….you were a pro!
You knew that a cheeky bit of WordArt would give your school work that extra something special.
When it snowed, you would all crowed around the radio waiting to hear your school being called out because it was closed…..only for it not to be. Damn you!
Drawing these!

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You had to deal with the ongoing debate as to who was better, Backstreet Boys or NSYNC.
You had fun harassing your friends with a Slap bracelets….until they were banned at your school.
You can’t help but finish “Come on Barbie, Let’s go party………”.
You knew Batman as Michael Keaton, Not Christian Bale.
You spend most of you time on a computer playing DOOM.
Inflatable furniture! Just…why?!
So there you have them folks! What are your best memories from the 90s? Let us know below…

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