10 Funky Cufflinks You Need To Smash This Year’s Wedding Season…

Guys everywhere! With Wedding season just around the corner, now is the time to start getting geared up and ready to rock either yours, or someone’s special day.

With the classic suit pretty much a given (much to the envy of all the girlies), here at TruffleShuffle we’re always looking for more and more ways to really add your own personal style and taste into the mix and really jazz up the classic look with some subtle retro hints and what better way to do this than with some Funky Cufflinks!?

Add plenty of retro cool to your smart look with our amazing range of cufflinks from only £9.99! Check out some of our top picks…

Red and Blue Crayon Cufflinks £14.99 DC Comics Super Dad Cufflinks £14.99
DC Comics Batman Cufflinks £9.99 Top Cat Cufflinks £19.99
Antique Gilt Superman Logo Cufflinks £9.99 Retro Cassette Cufflinks £16.99
Black Games Controller Cufflinks £16.99 Boxed DC Comics Superman Cufflinks £16.99
Boxed Knight Rider KITT Cufflinks £11.99 Retro Gamer Cufflinks £7.99
For all these and more, check out our huge range of retro inspired accessories and gifts for even more amazing ways to add some TruffleShuffle.com goodness to any look and occasion.