Here’s Something You’ll Really Want To Get Your Teeth Into…

…exclusive New Fiendish Feet T-Shirts!

Such a blast from that past or what! Fendish Feet were a real early 90s childhood classic and were sooo much more than a simple yogurt, they were a treat, a toy and possibly the ultimate desk tidy even today!

Originally sold in multipacks with different flavours although the the four main flavours were, Spooky Wooky (banana), Fangs a Lot (strawberry), Frank ‘n’ Stein (raspberry), and Rattle ‘n’ Roll (chocolate), Fiendish Feet were the must have post dinner treat and deciding what to do with your pots after was an art in itself!

These came during the real decade of the yogurt long before the times of organic, friendly bacteria, drinkable, protein packed types we have now. Simple, fun and well….amazing!

Show some love for these tasty classics with our new and exclusive Fiendish Feet Tees featuring the iconic Fangs a Lot….

So what did you do with your faced, feety pots? Let us know by leaving a comment below.