It’s Always Play Time With ‘Arrrrrrrr’ Exclusive New Playmobil Tees!

Soooo excited to have our latest range on board the SS TruffleShuffle! Packed with so many nostalgia feels, our amazing new range of Playmobil T-Shirts are sending memories of these iconic playsets flooding back and all the good times it has given us as kids or even with our own little nippers.
With each new set came the chance to become something completely new. One week you could be working a petrol pump, the next you’re a knight in shining armour. Playmobil offered us and kids today the building blocks to craft our own universe where anything is possible and imaginations could run wild.

To celebrate this true toy icon, we’ve just launched our amazing new, exclusive and 100% official Playmobil clothing which has been inspired the the classic Pirates range! Take a peep….

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